How Do You Benefit From Expert Signage Maintenance?

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Retailers know that quality signage works well for their business. But what’s the best way to keep your signage looking at its best? We look at the risk in signage being poorly maintained, and the benefits in using expert signage maintenance services.

Regardless of the size of your business, having new signage on the premises is always a big moment. Seeing your trading name shining above the door, grabbing people’s attention and bringing them to your door is a great feeling for the owner and staff alike – and you’ll obviously be keen to keep it that way too.

Wit this in mind, how do you benefit from expert signage maintenance?

Let’s take signage cleaning as an example. It’s quite logical and tempting to ask your window cleaner to also clean the signage while he is working away. But, while he may be excellent at making your windows sparkle – and doubtless he’d remove the dirt from your sign too – he won’t be able to spot any issues with your signage while he’s working away. He’d not be looking for signs of water ingress from the facia into the sign, putting power feeds to the lighting at risk. They wouldn’t be checking the signage fixings to make sure they are secure, or looking behind the signage for evidence of rotting timber or failing brickwork or masonry.

The Cost of Poorly Maintained Signage

Signage maintenance may look like a cost to the retailer. But no maintenance is more expensive.

The main risk faced by any retailer is signage injuring passers-by or damaging the surrounding area. You have a duty of care to staff and customers that your signage is safe and secure. Regular inspections will spot issues with signage before they become significant. That gives you time to plan ahead and make any necessary repairs. And, as a sign falling down is like a broken window – it always seems to happen on a Sunday evening – having a maintenance partner able to respond and repair any time takes a lot of stress and inconvenience away from you.

That may be the most serious problem your signage could face, but there are plenty more. Poorly, irregularly cleaned signage gives a poor impression, Illuminated signage can stop working over time, leaving your business name partly lit or in darkness, or individual lettering can drop away, making your signage appear in a poor state. The issues all add up to the same result in a dilapidated sign. Which reflects badly on your business, putting off potential customers and hurting your revenue.

The Benefits In Using Expert Signage Maintenance Services

By contrast, correct maintenance of signage can help keep your business welcoming to your customers and give your staff pride in their work. A maintenance engineer will know what issues to look for, and will check for problems such as failing fixings or troublesome electrics – which can be much more of a priority for heritage properties subject to stricter rules on signage.

Expert maintenance of your signage will also extend its lifecycle. Your external signage has to endure a harsh weather cycle. There’s wind, rain, burning sun and freezing cold. Not fogetting dirt and emissions fallout. With regular inspections and cleaning the investment you have made in your signage will keep them attractive and safe for many years ahead. 

Signage maintenance is usually available in two packages:

  • Scheduled maintenance, which will include regular cleaning and inspections of your signage. This approach checks fixings and presentation issues, and any problems sorted before they can become a risk to your staff or customers.
  • Reactive maintenance, which is an ‘on call’ service to resolve problems with your signage. This includes faulty lighting or failing fixings as they occur.

But regardless which maintenance service you choose, you’ll have peace of mind.  You know you have qualified engineers looking after your signage. And they can be on call to sort out any problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So, when you want to maintain your signage, don’t ask your window cleaner to give them a quick clean. Get the professionals who will keep your signs looking great, and benefit from expert signage maintenance.

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