The easy, simple way for new and small retailers to keep your signage looking amazing.
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Why Choose Cygnia Direct?

Keeps Your Signage Safe

Signage safety inspections to protect your staff and customers

Flexible Care

Get Signage Maintenance when you need it


Pay-As-You-Go service keeps it simple for your business

Expert Sign Maintenance –
When You Need It. Simple.

When your retail signs look great they bring more customers through your door. So how do you keep it looking that way without the stress and pain of long-term maintenance service agreements?

With Cygnia Direct you get a full range of expert sign maintenance services – when you need them.

There’s no contract or long-term commitments. Just a simple Pay-As-You-Go service to keep your retail signs looking amazing.

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No matter what the problem, Cygnia Direct can help you.

Keep your signs bright with on-demand cleaning, fix faults with repair services, and request regular maintenance to keep your signs attracting customers to your door.
And With Cygnia Direct you can also keep your window vinyls as good as new along with other specialist maintenance services.

Keeping Your Signs In Their Place. Properly.

Your signage depends on whatever holds it in place to be in good condition. If the sub-fascia is failing your sign could fall, putting your staff and your customers at risk.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your signage is safe and secure. So don’t leave it to chance. With Cygnia Direct you can have sub-fascia expertly repaired and replaced.

You can have your sign and sub-fascias inspected by our skilled engineers who will tell you if there is any risk of failure and repairs or replacement is needed.

Why Would Sub-Fascia Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

When signage is fixed poorly to an unsuitable foundation it becomes a serious safety hazard. And it is your responsibility to make sure your signs are not a danger to anyone.

Whether your building is old or new, you must undertake an inspection before installing any signage. Trying to fix signs to deteriorating timber sub-fascia or other unstable surfaces is extremely risky.

It’s also too common to find signage which has been installed using the wrong fixings, or simply too few of them. The result is a high-risk scenario with the potential to cause a dangerous accident.

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maintenance solutions that
fit your business needs.

Keep Your Name Up In Lights

If your sign looks dim when lit, or if only some of the lighting works, then you know how that can impact on sales.

When your signs are brightly lit they become more visible and attract more customers. So get your signage looking amazing in the dark with Cygnia Direct.

Whether you want your sign’s illumination repaired or replaced, or if you are looking for a more energy-efficient solution, then Cygnia Direct is here to help.

From replacing broken fluorescent tubes and wiring checks to full-scale updates, our trained engineers are hand across the UK to breathe new life into your signage illumination.

The Energy-Saving Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED lighting can transform your retail signs. It’s flexible to install, uses less energy and lasts much, much longer than traditional florescent tubes too.

Cygnia is a leading force in LED signage retrofits in the UK, and has achieved some amazing results. Your signage can look as-new again with a brighter light that generates very little heat and consumes a fraction to work.

LED lighting lasts for years too. Up to 25 times longer than incandescent lights in fact. Because LEDs don’t leak gasses, there’s no risk of them dimming over time like neon lights. And they provide a much longer display time than neon.

Give your signage a new lease of life with LED lighting. You can choose from a range of features, including fading, flashing, animation and colour changes. Coupled with their lightweight design, LEDs offer a much higher level of versatility.

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maintenance solutions that
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Amazing Signs – Whatever The Weather Throws At Them

Rain, hail, snow, frost, wind – your signs take a battering every year. Leaks into your retail signage can make them look dull, cause havoc with lighting and even put your customers in danger. Keep your signage looking great and safe with weatherproof flashing from Cygnia Direct.

Weatherproof flashing will help to prevent rainwater from penetrating any gaps between the wall and your signage. With our weatherproof flashing your signs stay safe from corrosion of the fixings – and stops drips on your customers when they walk through the door.

Get Your Flashing Checked With Cygnia Direct

Over time, signage flashing can deteriorate. The worse it gets, the more risk you put your staff, customers and anyone passing by, in danger from signage collapse. If you already have flashing installed, you should have it checked annually for any signs of corrosion, cracks or holes.

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maintenance solutions that
fit your business needs.

Your Signs Expertly Repaired When You Need It.

Don’t worry if your retail sign breaks. With Cygnia Direct you’re backed by a UK-wide network of professional experts in signage repairs - without the commitment of an ongoing maintenance contract.

So if you need us in a hurry, or want to book a visit, you can rest easy knowing our fully trained engineers will repair your signage quickly, efficiently and safely.

Signage Safety Is Our Top Priority

Keeping your signage maintained is essential for the safety of your staff and customers. You can also avoid expensive repairs to your business premises.

If your signage is not installed properly, you’re standing under a hazard that could become a real problem. Especially if it isn’t fixed properly or the sub-fascia isn’t strong enough – a common problem in older buldings.

So it’s essential your premises are inspected before you have any signage installed and to get any deteriorating sub-fascia or other unstable surfaces fixed first.

Over the last few years along there have been many cases in the UK of accidents that have been caused by falling signage. If it happened to your business then your reputation will suffer, and you will be responsible for not meeting regulatory safety standards. Don’t leave it to chance.

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maintenance solutions that
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Stunning Designs, Made To The Highest Standards

Cygnia is not just the UK’s largest sign maintenance engineer network. We’re part of the Hexcite Group, which also includes Blaze Signs who are experts in the design and manufacture of retail signage.

Amazing signage brings customers through your doors. Both Cygnia and Blaze Signs delivering the very best in brand image services to you, from design and manufacture, through to installation and maintenance.

Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd

Your retail signage has got to grab customers and bring them to your store.
With Blaze you get the same signage design experts trusted by many of the UK’s biggest retail names to create stunning new shopfront signage that will ensure your brand gets noticed.

The quality of a sign from Blaze is more than skin-deep. Advanced digital production technology using only the very best sustainable materials ensure your business gets signage which looks superb and stays that way for year.

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maintenance solutions that
fit your business needs.

Keep Your Signs Looking Amazing – Easy and Direct

When you’re starting out or running a small business you depend on your signs to attract customers. So they have to look great and work properly.

With Cygnia Direct you can keep your signs looking as-new with cleaning and repairs when you need them. So, if your shop is on a busy road or attracts pigeons and your signs get dirty fast, we’ll clean them more often. It’s as simple as that.

Fast, Professional Service – UK-wide

No matter where you’re located Cygnia Direct can look after your signs. You get a 24/7 helpdesk to call any time, and a nationwide network of dedicated, fully trained engineers on hand to sort out any problems big or small.

You can rest easy knowing Cygnia Direct’s sign maintenance service is always there to get your signs back up and working again. We’re the signage emergency service.

Make Your Brand Stand Out With Stunning New Signage

We understand that your retail signage needs to draw positive attention and that conveying the right message is crucial to connecting with your target audience.

As soon as we are up to speed with your brief, the team of designers at Blaze will create stunning new shopfront signage that will ensure your brand gets noticed.

Once the signage design is approved, it will be passed through to be produced in Blazes’ factory and once it is ready, we will contact you to arrange for your new signage to be installed.

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maintenance solutions that
fit your business needs.

Your Signs Installed Professionally

Cygnia is the UK’s most extensive sign maintenance support network, and we guarantee to deliver the highest levels of customer service at all times.

National Network Of Qualified Engineers

From a single sign to a national rollout, Cygnia Maintenance has a dedicated team of highly trained, specialist engineers who install signage across the UK, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
These highly trained engineers are at the very top of their game and are in high demand by customers who appreciate the finesse they bring to the finished product.

Commitment To Health & Safety

Safety of our employees and the public is paramount and as such, Cygnia Maintenance is driven to anticipate, identify and eliminate risk and hazard. We appreciate and embrace the operational challenges that regulation sets us.
All signage engineers are CSCS accredited, undergo regular Health and Safety training and are proficient in working with all types of access equipment, from standard scaffold towers, to specialists high-level apparatus and Hiab lifts.

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maintenance solutions that
fit your business needs.

Specialists In Signage Pest Protection

If your signs are attracting the wrong sort of attention from birdlife, Cygnia Direct is on hand to keep your signage free of feathered friends.

With Cygnia Direct you can have a flexible pest protection service without the commitment on an ongoing maintenance contract. So your signage will look amazing for longer, saving you money too.

How We Protect Your Signage From Pests

You can choose from a variety of different methods to protect your signage from birds and other pests.
If your signage is being plagued by birds, we can install netting or spikes to prevent them flocking, reducing excessive fouling of your façade. Bird spikes will also deter birds from nesting behind your signage. Both can be fitted as unobtrusively as possible so as not to detract from the appearance of your signage or your premises.

Our specialist sign maintenance teams will work with you to agree on the most suitable protection and installation plan.

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maintenance solutions that
fit your business needs.

Promotional & Temporary Signage & Banners

Seasonal promotion and short-term promotions can bring a boost to your sales - but sorting out signage and banners can be a nightmare. With Cygnia Direct you can tap into the renowned expertise at Blaze Signs for stunning promotional signage and temporary banners - installed and removed by us for convenience and peace of mind.

Innovative Signage Design To Support Your Campaigns

External vinyl banners, roller banners, pavement signs, shopfront signage, projecting signs and much more. Cygnia Direct provide the complete signage solution to support your marketing campaigns.

From signage/banner design and production to installation and removal once the campaign has ended, we have the logistics, skills and expertise to help ensure your campaign is a roaring success.

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maintenance solutions that
fit your business needs.

Commercial Awning Maintenance & Cleaning

Colourful, branded awnings add a certain style to any premises. Keep your awnings looking great with Cygnia Direct’s commercial awning maintenance and cleaning service, with no ongoing commitment.

We can check your awnings every year to make sure they are safe and work correctly, giving you the confidence to use them risk free to staff, customers and passers-by.

Skilled Engineers Available 24/7

If your awning does need maintenance, you can rely on Cygnia Direct’s skilled engineers to make any repairs to the highest standards.

In addition to providing awning maintenance, Cygnia Direct also clean commercial awnings. Your awning will be chemical sprayed and then jet washed to clean the awning fabric (including the underside), as well as thoroughly wiping the metal frames.

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maintenance solutions that
fit your business needs.

Pay-As-You-Go Sign Maintenance
That Fits Your Budget

Keeping your signs looking amazing shouldn’t cost the earth. With Cygnia Direct you choose the services you want at a price that works best for you. No lengthy contracts or credit checks. Just a simple, commitment-free service to let you get on with running your business.

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Cygnia Direct is provided by the Hexcite Group, delivering the most comprehensive range of signage solutions in the UK.

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With Cygnia Direct you’re placing your signs in the safest hands. We’ve been looking after retail signage for over 25 years and trusted by some of the biggest names in retail. So no matter what the problem, you can be sure we can fix it.
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We’re The UK’s Signage Emergency Service.

Cygnia operates the UK’s most extensive sign maintenance support network so you get the highest levels of customer service at all times.

Our dedicated team of over 30 crews are trained to the highest levels to deliver expert care for UK retailers and get their signs working again in minutes.

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