High Street Signage Maintenance

The Royals Shopping Cenre, which features signage cared for by Cygnia Maintenance

Caring for signage on every high street

The High Street remains a core part shopping in the UK. Town and city centres across the country adorned with iconic names line the roads. With their close proximity to offices and housing, a high street location make a strong business case for retailers.

But your signage in the high street leads a hard life. Traffic pollution will cover them in dirt, impacting their presence. The majority of properties in central locations are old stock, with degraded facades. The constant vibration from vehicles, roadworks and people aligned with changes in seasons conspire to shorten the signage life cycle. And while a busy high Street is always welcome, the ability to maintain your signage presents a significant challenge.

High street signage services portfolio

  • The largest network of maintenance engineers with experience in caring for signage on high streets
  • Manufacture and installation of all external and internal signage complying with local planning restrictions
  • General high street signage maintenance, including pollution removal, as part of a planned preventative maintenance programme (PPM)
  • IPAF certified engineers to provide safe use of access equipment within high street environments to mitigate heightened risk to the public
  • Inspections of all signage (totem, canopy and shopfront) for installation integrity – vital for older properties and facades
  • Installation, maintenance and replacement of window graphics and vinyls
  • Sustainability upgrades, including replacement lighting and vinyls
  • 24/7 service for installations, repairs and upgrades to minimise disruption along busy roads
  • Proactive management with landlords and local authorities to keep your maintenance simple and convenient

Working to keep your high street attractive and safe

Your maintenance plan with Cygnia ensures all your high street locations receive the same exacting care and maintenance they deserve.

All Cygnia's signage maintenance services are available, with the added comfort of knowing your signs are cared for by engineers with advanced training in the use of access equipment and their safety first mindset to protect the public. This, combined with our close relationships with many local authorities, gives you a convenient and proactive service that puts the safety of the public and your property first.

If you own or operate multiple high street properties, Cygnia's complete maintenance service is a real boon for your tenants. Providing our total signage care service gives them additional peace of mind, knowing that their signage maintenance will comply with their legislative duties. And, if you require services outside of normal hours for an issue with a high street location, Cygnia's teams are on call 24/7. So you never have to worry about a problem with your signage forcing a store to close.

Tailored support for all your high street signage

Every retail location within your estate can be maintained through a detailed PPM agreement that is tailored to suit their diverse requirements. So you can choose to ensure your sites within shopping centres receive specific services to suit them. And with a dedicated account manager providing close, personal support, your signage is placed under the very best care from day one. You only need to make one call to get prompt advice, fast response and a transparent escalation procedure when your signage needs additional support.

A typical shopping centre, which may contain signage cared for by Cygnia Maintenance

Bring sustainability to your high street signage

The high street is arguably where the effects of polluting the environment is most easily seen.
That's why Cygnia provides a package of upgrades to signage that actively reduce their impact on the planet.

We're proud of a track record in transforming signage across the country to uses new materials and technology. Toxic fluorescent lighting replaced with LED technology for brighter, durable illumination that costs less. Vinyls containing harmful chemicals and printing ink changed for high-quality bio-degradable alternatives. Transforming the sustainability of your signage and reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill.

High street signage services that work for all

Iconic names on the high street ask Cygnia to keep their signage looking amazing and working harder to attract customers - safely. Contact us now and discover how we can help your signage works harder, lasts longer and costs less to run.

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