Protecting your signage from pests will present your business at its best

Bird netting or bird spikes fitted to your signage will deter birds flocking to foul a façade or nest behind the signage.  Cygnia Maintenance can use different methods to protect your signage from birds and other pests which will help to reduce sign maintenance requirements and extend the life of your signage.

Our specialist sign maintenance teams will work with you to agree the most suitable protection and installation plan.

Bird netting – not restricted to signage, we can install this wherever the need, and whatever the size of bird to be deterred.

Bird spikes – fitted with or to the signage, or to the fabric of a building, we can install a solution to deter birds flocking to foul a facade. Spikes will also deter birds from nesting behind signage.

Bespoke, supporting maintenance services

  • Window vinyl, manifestations, text, graphics. We can replace tired, damaged vinyl applications.
  • Provision of temporary signage/banners Giving sites identity when signage is either removed or not visible (e.g. construction project)
  • Graffiti removal – responsive and planned services for managed restoration
  • Supply and installation of flags
  • Cleaning of high or inconvenient areas:
    Cleaning of awnings
    Glass canopy cleaning
    Cladding cleaning and painting

For more information on our pest protection and supporting services please contact us today