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Keeping Your Supermarket Signage Attracting Customers

Good signage is critical for any supermarkets. Bright, visible signage attracts customers. Obscured or failed signs make customers go elsewhere - sometimes for good. So it's vital the signage is kept in perfect working order.

Signage maintenance however can be an issue for many supermarkets. They can attract unwelcome pests. Any maintenance must not place customers or staff at risk. Sometimes essential maintenance may be required out of normal working hours. All stores must be maintained to the same standard. And as the signage is crucial in bringing customers to the door, it simply must not fail.

Cygnia Maintenance has the widest network of signage engineers in the UK. From Exeter to Aberdeen, Cygnia Maintenance has spent the last 25 years keeping supermarket signs working hard and keeping customers safe. Round the clock, every day of the year.

The Complete Supermarket Signage Care Solution

Cygnia Maintenance provide a range of services tailored to enhancing your signage and maximising it’s working life. Expert inspection, cleaning, replacement graphics, pest defences, even sustainability upgrades, can all be included in your signage maintenance plan. Helping to ensure your supermarket signage works hard for longer.

Supermarket Services Portfolio

  • Manufacture / installation of all sign types for external and internal deployment
  • General sign maintenance & cleaning on a planned preventative maintenance programme (PPM)
  • Installation of Pest control bird spikes & weather proofing installation
  • Integrity / intrusive inspections of all types of signs
  • Window vinyl & graphics of all sizes
  • Upgrade of signage construction materials to improve sustainability
  • All aspects of signage illumination including Re lamps / Lighting upgrades from neon / fluorescent to LED Printed Vinyl temporary banners for promotions / seasonal / temporary replacement signs

Flexible Service To Cover Your Entire Estate

Signage maintenance services from Cygnia can apply to all kinds of signage across your entire estate nationwide. From large external installations, legacy signage or any affixed in sensitive environments that require specialist access, with Cygnia you get a single source of support and care.

And, if your supermarket locations also include fuel stations, Cygnia Maintenance can incorporate these into your agreement. Simplifying how you care for your signs across your entire state down, with improved jobs tracking and billing.

Account Management Dedicated To Delivering Great Support

Every location you operate is covered by a comprehensive PPM agreement, tailored to suit your exact requirements. And with personal support from a dedicated account manager, your estate receives a smooth implementation of the contract for the entire term. You only need to make one call to enjoy a full range of technical advice with fast escalation procedure for fast additional support.

Delivering Sustainable Signage

With Cygnia Maintenance you can also reduce the impact of your signage on the environment. Harmful vinyls and inks can be updated to high-quality bio-degradable alternatives. Toxic fluorescent lighting can be replaced by LED technology providing brighter, longer lasting lighting that costs less and reduces landfill.

Signage Maintenance That Sets The Standard For Others

Supermarkets with locations across the UK enjoy signage services from Cygnia Maintenance for signage that looks amazing and works hard to attract customers. Discover the secret behind long lasting signage care that meets the most exacting standards – Cygnia Maintenance.

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