Is Your Signage Lighting Up The Sky – Or More Like A Damp Sparkler?

The 5th of November, or Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, is a date known across the world. It remembers a time when democracy at the time was at real risk of being literally blown out of existence. Today of course it’s rather more about watching fantastic firework displays. And even now, people still stand in awe of the marvellous explosions across a dark night sky.

Which leads to a rather relevant point about your retail signage. Does it light up the surrounding area and attract customers to your doors? Or is it, like a damp sparkler, a bit of a disappointment to you and everyone else walking past?

It is inevitable that the lighting in your signage will fail at some point in time. Whether you use fluorescent or incandescent lighting, they will come to the end of their working lives. Filaments will blow. Tubes will slowly dim, stutter and eventually die. If it happens during summer then it’s not quite so bad. But when the days get shorter, the mornings and afternoons darken – and you need your signage to be at its very best. A dim or half-lit sign gets ignored.

The immediate task then is to check your signs and have any failed lighting checked and replaced. And if you have a maintenance schedule now it the ideal opportunity to have your signage tested and checked before the Christmas rush begins.

But while you are checking your sign lighting, ask yourself this; how much brighter and better would LED lighting make your sign? And how much would it save on your electricity bill too? Because, apart from last far longer than fluorescent tubes, LED lighting can reduce your signage energy usage by up to 90%. So if you want your signage to make the same impression as a firework display, talk to us about making them brighter, longer lasting and more energy efficient.

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