Is Your Sign Hiding Something?

Rotten building facia behind a shop sign

We’re continuing our focus on signage safety this month with a deeper look at the reasons why your signage needs to be maintained by experts. In this article, we’ll take a look at the façade behind your sign – is your sign hiding something?

When your signage is being installed it’s vital that the area where it is being mounted is checked carefully. The UK climate varies from strong sunlight in summer to ice and winds in winter. Combined with the amount of rainfall and humidity, this is a never-ending cycle of attack on the materials used on the frontage of your property.

The issue here is the façade will eventually begin to fail. Soft wood used in the building of property facias breaks down and rots. Flashing and bead sealants lose their grip and allow water to get inside. This causes fixings to weaken and frontages to begin to fail.   

These problems increase with the age of the premises. And in the UK, retail properties are predominantly older – some well into their second century. Of these, many will have facias made from high quality harder woods such as oak. But despite this, the effects of years of weather and pollutants mean one thing. A frontage that is significantly weaker and is now near the limit of what it can reliably support.

Checking Your Façade For Issues

There are some straightforward checks which can be made on the facia of your property to ensure it has the ability to hold up your signage. For example, the wood can be inspected for moisture content. This will indicate if it is still providing the necessary strength. If it contains more than 20% water, then it has to be replaced. It simply won’t be capable if the figure is higher.

You can also have your frontage visually inspected too. This will highlight any other issues that may be contributing to the early demise of your frontage. A leaking gutter can let water flow over unprotected surfaces, or flashing can peel away over time. These are just two signs that your facias need to be checked in more detail.

Cygnia’s maintenance engineers are highly trained and certified to inspect your signage and property for signs of failure. They will look for potential risks within your frontage and give advice based on their experience how to resolve any issues. Contact us today to discuss your property’s frontage, and we’ll help you find out if your sign is hiding something you should know about. It’s maintenance that’s cost-effective and helps keeps you on the right side of the law.

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