Signage Safety – Don’t Let The Lights Go Out

During July we’re going to focus on signage safety. Keeping your retail and commercial signage looking great is only half the story when it comes to attracting customers to your door. Your sign must present minimal risk to your staff and the public too. In our first post about signage safety we’ll look at the electrics in your signs to help ensure you don’t let the lights go out.

When you decide to have a new sign for your business, one of the features of the design will be the lighting inside it. Lighting a sign properly is incredibly important for any commercial property. When the nights being to draw in, your sign becomes a high-profile beacon to customers. So it has to look clear, legible and attractive in order to bring them to your door.

There is a whole story behind the work that goes into designing the optimum lighting for your sign. But the continued integrity of the lighting within your signage is also a very strong reason for keeping it maintained. The simple fact that a sign which has lighting that doesn’t work will bring you less customers – and therefore less revenue – should be a good enough reason to get a maintenance schedule sorted. But there are also some more, potentially, serious reasons too.

Over time, the electrical system installed with your sign will deteriorate. The constant heat cycles it is exposed to, combined with sunlight and moisture, relentlessly attack the components. The materials slowly degrade and connections become less and less secure. The lighting used – be it fluorescent or LED – will have a working life too. Over time it starts to fade and be less bright or become more and more reluctant to operate.

These issues can accelerate when the sign itself develops any holes or is not sealed correctly. Pests and vermin can enter the sign, making it their home and causing further problems. They may even attack the wiring or physically damage the fitting themselves.

The visual end result is a sign over your premises which doesn’t work properly. If it doesn’t illuminate at all, that is bad enough. But one which only partly works can be even worse, to the point of becoming the butt of local jokes. And that is not something you would wish your brand to become.

It’s Not Just About Appearances

That of course is the visual consequences of failing lighting in your sign. More seriously is the risk of it becoming a fire hazard. Failing electrical connections and combustible materials don’t go together too well. Electrics and water aren’t exactly best buddies either. In either case, if the electrical system in your sign begins to fail, overheat or spark, it is putting your premises – and possibly people’s lives – at risk. It simply isn’t worth skimping on the maintenance.

Cygnia’s expert maintenance engineers are trained to carefully inspect the electrical systems within your signage. They will look for potential fire risks as well as failing fittings, with practical advice on the integrity of your signage. Contact us today to discuss your sign and its lighting, and we’ll help you ensure when it comes to signage safety, you don’t let the lights go out. It’s maintenance that’s cost-effective and helps keeps you on the right side of the law.

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