Avoid A Disaster With Your Signage

Cygnia Maintenance Avoid disaster with your signage

We have previously covered how the poor use of fixings during installation can affect your signage. We’ll now take a look at one reason why your signs can fail; what is supporting your sign. And we will cover why you need to have an inspection at least every 5 years to avoid a disaster with your signage.

It is all to easy to take your signage for granted. After all, it stays in position for years, welcoming visitors to your premises. But behind your clean, well-lit sign, could well be a ticking time-bomb that could go off at any time. The hidden issue is the sub-fascia, a framework that your sign is affixed to.

Time Marches on

As much of the retail estate in the UK is quite old, many retail sites use timber in their frontage. The wood used is similarly getting on in years, and so will begin to degrade over time. Our damp, rainy seasons combined with failing weather protection causes the timber to become damp and soften over time. Eventually, the raised moisture content will cause the wood to rot, impairing its ability to bear loads.

A sub-fascia may also not be constructed and installed correctly. For example, vertical sections should be spaced regularly and secured to the frame and wall. The frame should also be complete and affixed through brick rather than mortar. Otherwise, the frame may struggle to carry your sign.

The issue can be compounded by poor use of fixings; even in healthy timber the wrong fixing can place your sign and the sub-fascia under stress. When the wood is in less than perfect condition, incorrect fixings are even less likely to perform acceptably.

An Issue You Can’t Ignore

These are issues you cannot afford to take lightly. Under the Health And Safety At Work Act, The Management Of Health And Safety At Work Regulations, and the Town And Country Planning Act, you are legally obliged to ensure your signage and how it is affixed maintained and in a safe order. Plus, you must ensure the work is undertaken by a competent person or company. You must also retain records that show you have a maintenance plan in place.

Take Action Now

It’s for these reasons that you should engage Cygnia as your sign maintainer. We help you devise a signage maintenance plan and provide the inspection service to help you determine the health of your timber sub-fascias.

For this stage, Cygnia conduct what is commonly known as an Intrusive Inspection. This detailed inspection can include drilling to ascertain moisture content of timber in place. When complete, you will then have the condition of your sub-fascia fully documented and a plan to repair or replace can be implemented. Missing timber can be inserted. Rotten pieces replaced. For frontages, we use 18mm class 3 plywood as our a minimum grade. Finally, all timber is sealed with gloss paint to exposed edges and weatherproof flashing installed to protect the timber from future water ingress.

This inspection is essential in order to avoid a disaster with your signage. With it completed, you can be assured your signage is safe and secure for another 5 years. Also, you have up-to-date documentation available for inspection by your local Health & Safety officers. Keeping your business open, your customers and staff safe, and your reputation intact.

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