What Is The Most Common Reason For A Sign Failing To Stay In Place?

At Cygnia we are often asked what is the most common reason for a sign failing to stay in place. We have the largest team of signage maintenance engineers in the UK and each year they go out and look at a huge number of signs which are failing to stay in place. There can be quite a list of reasons why this might happen, including:

  • The sub-facia may not be strong enough to support a heavy sign.
  • Bad or freak weather conditions have simply pushed the signage to the point where it simply can’t stay put.
  • An emergency nearby may have impacted the sign and caused it to start to fail.

But there is one reason we find why a retail sign is failing that beats all the others. And it’s a very simple one.

That’s correct, incorrect fixings.

Unfortunately, too many signs are installed in place using the wrong fixings.

Often they are merely woodscrews, usually too short or narrow which will struggle to cope with the sign itself, let alone if it had the additional weight of some snow on the sign. And if the sub-facia is old wood (which is common in retail properties in the UK) then the purchase the screws have will be barely sufficient. Add some wet weather and the screws almost immediately begin to corrode, shortening their life and weaking their ability to hold the sign up.

If the sign is fixed to brick or masonry, we’ve also had instances where cheap household rawplugs have been tapped into place to try and hold the screw. It’s a combination that won’t last as the grip from the plugs decays over time and start to slip.

This of course is important due to the duty of care a retailer has to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff and the public. A sign with inadequate fixings is a ticking time bomb, waiting to fall and possibly putting someone at risk of injury.

So, if there is one good reason for ensuring your signs are under a maintenance contract, it is this. Your sign will then be inspected and poor quality fixings replaced with new, stronger, durable alternatives which will keep your sign on the front of your outlet where it belongs.

At Cygnia we are committed to helping your business enjoy amazing signage for longer. So if you want to know more about ensuring your signs stay in their place, get in touch with us for an informal chat.

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