A look back at 2023


2023 has been a very busy year at Cygnia. With the economy attempting to get back into shape following the pandemic, we have been working closely with retailers to ensure they do not fall foul of health and safety legislation around their signage.

Our UK-wide network of highly skilled engineers have been on call to make safe dangerous signs as well as undertake PPM visits and inspect installations for potentially hazardous issues.

How did we do in 2023? The numbers speak for themselves!

Health & Safety callouts

525 Health & Safety related call outs to resolve signage issues – these were undertaken either within 4 hours or on a same working day basis.

Non-urgent visits

2,992 non-urgent reactive call outs were received and attended to. A further 134 date-specific callouts/joint visits in conjunction with contractors.

Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) visits

17,021 PPM visits were completed to retail locations around the UK during 2023. This is firm evidence that retailers are working hard to maintain their stores to high standards, look at the impressive number.

Repairs and upgrades

From the various calls we attend, signage often needs work at varying levels to bring it back to perfect working order. During the year we have completed 1,340 quoted jobs for repair/replacement to signage hardware. In addition we also completed 817 quoted illumination repairs, including upgrades to LED technology.

The age of UK retail properties and their sub-facias continues to be an issue. During 2023, we completed 185 intrusive inspections to check on the health of the structures behind retail signage. We also replaced the timber sub-fascia at 144 retail locations around the UK.

Overall, 78% of intrusive inspections resulted in some form of remedial work being required. This shows how important it is for retailers to have the facias supporting their signage checked regularly for potential weaknesses.

Our fleet

With our engineers pounding the tarmac 24/7 it is inevitable our fleet will need to be rotated. During 2023 we brought in eight new vans, and a further round of replacements will be seen on the roads next year too.  These will be featuring the great new look liveries we have begun introducing to the fleet.

New people

We’re delighted to announce three new starters within Cygnia. With the addition of Cherise Goff, Jeanette Carlsson and Maria Farbrace, customers will be hearing three new voices in our Service Desk just before Christmas, while Key Accounts will have a new Manager starting in January.

Next year looks to be even busier, but right now the festive season is almost upon us. So I hope you enjoy the holiday and our thanks for your continued support over the last 12 months.

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