Cygnia launches branding on fleet

The front-quarter view of a new van with livery for Cygnia Signage Maintenance

We’re delighted to announce the rollout of branding across the Cygnia commercial fleet. The project will see all vehicles used by our national network of engineers transformed to show the Cygnia logo and contact details.


The new vinyl signage on our vans will display the Cygnia logo across 60% of each flank, making it highly visible even in busy traffic. A highlighted panel displays our services, while safety chevrons in blue and yellow provide essential safety to nearby traffic and pedestrians when attending callouts across the UK. And if you are ever in need of contacting our office, each van will include our telephone number and web address.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is inside. Every Cygnia van is fully loaded with all the parts needed to inspect and repair signs. So our engineers won’t leave a site half-finished.

Keep an eye out for one of our newly-branded commercial vehicles heading to inspect and repair retail signage near you very soon.

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