Will You Be Caught Out In The Festive Holidays?

Cygnia Support: Will You Be Caught Out In The Festive Holidays

At time of writing this article, outside the weather really is atrocious. The cold is bad enough which you should obviously expect in late November. It’s how the heavens are emptying huge buckets of water down over the land while the wind does its level best to push it all back up into the sky again. It’s that kind of seasonal argument you get from the weather which benefits no-one while causing plenty of damage to many retailers’ stores. And, as we hurtle towards Christmas, will inevitably have you hoping you don’t suffer any damage during the festive season. Because it’s the worst time in the year to find a tradesman to fix a leaky roof, broken window or unhinged door. And you will not want to be caught out in the festive holidays.

The same is very true of your signage. UK legislation effectively rules out casual labour or general builders being able to maintain or repair your signage. So your options for sorting out broken signage is more limited. And remember, Christmas Eve this year falls on a Saturday. That makes the preceding 5 days the wind-down period for the construction and FM sectors. So your signage really needs to hang in there until next year.

Now, you might think this is true for most years. But this time round there is a stronger reason to be concerned. The weather, while turning colder, has remained stubbornly wet. Winds are becoming considerably stronger. And there could be a distinct possibility the year could end as it began. We could see the Met Office barrelling through their list of storm names while we all batten down the hatches. And if that does become the case, then you’ll feel a lot happier having Cygnia looking after your signs.

Someone You Can Rely On. No Matter What Time Of Year

The Cygnia help desk is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re here for customers to call for dedicated sign maintenance support when needed. Regardless of the date or time, our team is on hand to give you expert advice and arrange visits to respond to any signage issues you may have.

So while you look forward to the forthcoming Christmas rush, remember that when Cygnia look after your signs you don’t have to worry whether you will be caught out in the festive holidays.  We are here when you need us and our 24/7/365 help desk provides a single point of contact for management of all reactive sign maintenance and image protection services.

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