Will You be Blown Away?

a person being blown by high winds

What’s the worst sort of weather that hits us all during Winter? The drop in temperatures is obviously never welcome. Snow and ice can be dangerous, but they can also provide a stunning change to scenery. Rain is just something we all take for granted. So we’ll nominate wind, simply because of how it can make bad weather feel so much worse.

On their own, the likes of low temperatures, rain or snow are bad enough. But wind takes these elements and literally throws them in your face. With wind, rain is pushed that much harder into finding faults in seals. Wind drags snow and piles it up, dampening surfaces and applying a wet layer for rot to begin its destructive path. And wind gives low temperatures the chance to turn water and snow that’s been pushed into the tiniest gaps into snow and force them open.

The really bad news about wind is that it’s very likely to make an unwelcome return this winter too. Since 2022 we have had four major storms hit the UK. Each time they have caused more and more damage.  These high winds hit your signage extremely hard. And after a wet summer, many retail premises have frontages which are barely dried out. Making them sitting ducks this winter, which high winds will exploit.

Keeping bad weather at bay this winter

This spells potential disaster for your signage. Any weaknesses win the construction will be exposed. Joints will be pushed apart and seals compromised leaving electrical fittings vulnerable. Signage fixings will be pushed to their limits. Damp facades will be pushed beyond their weakened limits.

The best way to avoid a disaster hitting your signage this winter is to have your signage checked now. An inspection by Cygnia will tell you all everything about the health of your signage. You will also then have precious time to resolve any problems. Poor sealing, failing electrics, weak fixings and rotting facades can be sorted now before it is too late. And don’t forget, high winds can delay repairs as working at height becomes severely restricted. By just taking this one simple step you could save a lot of expense and time due to sorting out a failed sign.

a person being blown by high winds

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