Will Storm Isha Damage Your Signage?

Yogi Berra once remarked “It’s déjà vu all over again,” and right now we get exactly what he meant. Since September the Met Office has used up nine of the nominated storm names for the year. Storm Isha is rattling the window frames while another downpour threatens to overwhelm the drains.

Each time a storm hits the UK it causes more damage.  Make no mistake, Storm Isha will hit your signage extremely hard. And after a pretty miserable year with so much rain, a lot of retail frontages have residual damp now deep inside them. Which high winds will exploit.

How Storms Batter Your Signage

This run of storms are a real threat to your signage. Any weaknesses within their construction will be exposed. The joints will be pulled around to compromise the seals and leave the electrical fittings inside vulnerable. The fixings for the signage fixings will be pushed hard towards their limits. And damp facades along with timber sub-structures are going to really struggle to cope now.

There is only one thing you can do right now, and that is to get your signage checked. An inspection handled by Cygnia will give you a full picture of the health of your signage. That will give you precious time to sort out issues. And remember, winds such as Storm Isha stop working at height. If your signage begins to fail any repairs can only be done when it all dies back down. So having your sign inspected before Storm Jocelyn hits – knowing our luck it won’t be long – could save you an awful lot of trouble and bad press.

If you’re concerned about your signage and want to discuss any possible issues, contact us today and we’ll listen to the issues you have and give some advice. We’re here to help you keep your signage looking amazing – and safe in these storms too.

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