What’s in store for 2024?

With the New Year fast approaching we are all going to also take a look at the old year as it fades away. For us, 2023 has been a brilliant year to very much remember. We have answered a record number of calls and helped to keep many signs safely in place.  And with so many new customers joining us, it is fair to say we have never been busier.

But what lies ahead for 2024? We don’t profess to having a crystal ball, but we can make some assumptions. The sheer number of rotted facias we repaired or replaced points to there being plenty more to inspect in 2024. Far too many signs in the UK are in danger of falling, and it’s a side-issue from of the age of so many retail properties. The facias behind so many signs are either near or some way past their useful life. On several cases this year our inspections and repairs have reduced the risk of someone being injured from a falling sign. We are certain many more will follow next year.

Sustainability will also become more of a focus point around signage next year. Retailers will be asking about their signage, the cost to light them and how their use impacts the environment. This will put LED lighting at the front of a drive to cut energy consumption and improve recycling. But other factors such as the very materials signs are made from, will also become more discussed.

We are fortunate that the issues many retailers may face next year are also at the core of our services. With the UK’s largest network of highly experienced engineers, we have the resources and history to care for more signs and help take the pressure of managing maintenance schedules.

But for now, we wish both you and all our partners a Happy New Year. Here’s to a wonderful 2024 for you all.


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