What is Scheduled Maintenance?

Cygnia provides retailers with signage maintenance services in either reactive or scheduled formats. In a previous article we looked at reactive maintenance and covered the potential benefits and drawbacks in adopting this approach to caring for your signage.  For this article we’ll take a look at scheduled maintenance, and help you decide if it is the ideal approach to keeping your signage in excellent condition.

Scheduled maintenance is where you take a proactive approach to looking after your signage. Inspections are undertaken at set times with resources allocated in advance.  This approach is undertaken at regular intervals – for example, every six months – and allows for any issues to be documented and the subsequent repairs to be booked in.

With scheduled maintenance you will enjoy several benefits, including:

Better signage reliability. Regular inspections will discover any minor problems before they become major issues, or even prevent such problems before they can start. The inspections therefore help to improve the uptime of your signage, and help it to perform as intended.

Less disruption. The date and time of the scheduled maintenance is agreed with you in advance, giving you the chance have the work undertaken at the best time for your business. This helps you to minimise disruption to your premises and avoid any inconvenience to your customers

Reduced downtime. With regular scheduled maintenance the amount of downtime for your signage or your premises is minimised; engineers will identify any issues and work with you to plan any necessary repairs before they become unavoidable.

Reduced risk. Signage that is regularly checked is less likely to develop a dangerous fault, thus decreasing the chance of your staff, customers or property suffering any harm from your signage.

Longer lifecycle. Signage which is kept in optimum condition will last longer before needing to be replaced. This extension of the life of the signage can make scheduled maintenance highly cost-effective.

Lower total cost of ownership. The adoption of scheduled maintenance, and how it allows you to keep your signage performing properly while avoiding costly repairs, can reduce the overall costs incurred through the life of your signage.

Scheduled maintenance carries many tangible benefits for your business. Compared to reactive maintenance, you are reducing the risk of failure, and potentially high costs to remedy serious issues, while extending the working life of your signage. Contact us today and we can look at what the best option is for your business, with advice around the best option for you and your signage maintenance needs.

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