We’re NOT closed during Christmas!

As usual, business all around the UK and beyond will be letting you know when they are closed during the Christmas period.

But we won’t be. Because this year, like very year before, Cygnia will be OPEN during the festive season.

Why do we stay open, you’re thinking?

It’s simple. Retail and commercial signs don’t go wrong during office hours.

Those welcoming signs above your favourite retailers have to put up with the dreadful weather. They have to cope with supporting screws slowly losing grip. They witness their support structure slowly decaying. If that wasn’t bad enough, they even have to contend with leaky plumbing. Sadly, some signs succumb – and they can fall to the ground anytime. It’s usually when you’re settling down to a few hours peace.

But a failing sign is a very serious matter. Too many people are injured, sadly, sometimes fatally, by falling signage hitting them.

And that’s why we are open during Christmas.

With our UK-wide network of engineers on call and working round-the-clock, your signs above your shops and offices can stay in place and safe, secure and working properly.

So if you’re a Cygnia customer, keep our number handy if anything happens to your signage during the Christmas break.

And if you’re not a Cygnia customer, get in touch with us and we’ll help you to find the best, most cost-effective maintenance option to suit you.

For Christmas, the New Year and beyond into 2024.

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