We don’t get calls from our customers

It’s of no surprise that the recent bad weather will cause problems with retail signage. High winds and heavy rain can cause all manner of issues. Fixings work loose. Facades weaken. Lighting shorts out. Even quite new signs can suffer from problems very quickly. Which is why, after the country has endured nasty storm, we always get calls from retailers asking if we can help repair the damage.

But this is far less likely to happen with our existing customers. Once the likes of Storm Babet has passed by, we don’t see a rise in the number of calls from our customers. Bad weather doesn’t result in more callouts to stores and fix any signs which are no longer safe or working properly. That’s not at all surprising.

Our maintenance crews consist of highly trained and experienced engineers. A team that takes immense pride in their work. And their determination to make retail signage safe and looking great pays off for our customers. Our engineers check every fixing and replace any not up to scratch. They check how a sign is mounted and make sure it isn’t going to fall off. And every sign itself is thoroughly examined. Loose frames, bad sealing, poor ventilation, peeling vinyls, crusty electricals, nothing escapes them. Nothing left to chance.

It’s only with a total quality approach to maintenance that we can ensure your signage will comfortably fend off even the most malicious storm. Those high winds won’t be able to rock and loosen your sign. They will fail to push the rain past the seals. And all that water will stay outside while your signage lighting stays intact and working just as it should. That’s why our customers don’t worry about bad weather. They know that, while a storm may damage their stores in some way, their signage is in the best possible condition to stand up to whatever is thrown their way. So, it’s one less call they have to make.

It’s time you too stopped being concerned how the next storm will wreak havoc with your signage. Simply contact us now and we can arrange a visit to check how healthy your signs are. When you’re with Cygnia, your signs are cared for by the best maintenance team in the UK. Which means you’ll be joining some of the best names in retail who never need to give us a call.

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