Trouble Ahead For Your Signage?

picture of a retail sign being inspected

Believe it or not, there are some people who actually like the cold. Only they can explain why they enjoy shivering outdoors. But for everyone else, winter spells a major change in your wardrobe. For your signage, it means trouble ahead.

The drop in temperatures during winter is a great enabler for other elements to be even more destructive. Cold weather causes materials within your signage to shrink. Gaps appear between joints. Seals contract. These allow water to get inside, freeze and weaken the integrity of your signs.

That same water turns into snow, which becomes a thick damp layer to push more moisture into both your sign and the façade. And this layer will stay in place for days, sometimes weeks, until the air temperature rises enough to slowly thaw things out. Leaving behind a penetrating damp that steadily erodes the fixings, corrodes metal and rots wood.

The cold also makes wind punish your signage, teasing at the adhesives on vinyls to pull them loose from the backing. Which in turn allows the weather to push rain and snow deeper into your signs to attack internal fixings and electrical components. Any subsequent heat generated by the lighting inside your signs turns the interior into a mini sauna. And that means they fill up with damp air to find and exploit the slightest weakness.

Get your signage checked now

That’s why right now is a very good moment to get your signs inspected before winter. Issues around seals or vulnerable fixings can be quickly resolved. Vinyls that are peeling away can be replaced. And frames with loose joints or compromised sealing repaired to keep your sign watertight.

An inspection by Cygnia before winter is the only surefire way to make sure your signs will cope with the cold weather ahead. With one call our expert teams of engineers will search, identify and repair problems that could spell the end for your signage. So take his simple step now – before the cold destroys your signage.

picture of a retail sign being inspected

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