Some Tips on Cleaning Your Signage

Cygnia Maintenance Tips When Cleaning Your Signage

As the UK’s largest sign maintenance services company, we keep hundreds of signs across the country looking amazing. Most retailers understand that cleaning signs clean can involve a degree of risk to the public and staff, and that how to clean signs correctly is not as straightforward as it may first appear. But we appreciate that some people, usually small independent retailers, opt to clean their signs rather than employ a services company such as us.  So here are some tips on cleaning your signage which we hope you find useful.

Don’t scrub.

Dirt on your signs is most likely just local pollutants such as fumes and airborne dirt, and are little different to a fine dust. Usually they need little more than a wipe to remove them. So give them a first wipe-down with a cloth. Don’t use a abrasive pads or scrubbing brushes on your signage.

No Need To Concentrate

If you feel you need to apply a detergent, make sure it is a mild soap that is well diluted. Basic car shampoo, or the type that contains a waxing additive, can be ideal, especially for aluminium or stainless steel surfaces. Try to avoid domestic washing up liquids as these contains salts which can damage the materials on your signs, as well as dry and leave white spots. Glass cleaner can be very effective as well, especially as it usually comes in a handy spray bottle to wipe on and off.

One Step At A Time

It’s tempting to do the job quickly, but the best method is to clean a sign section by section. This lets you tackle the dirt and get to dry the sign off before moving to the next piece.

Leave The Insides Well Alone

The internals of your signage should never be opened for two reasons. First, you may accidentally break a seal which will cause water ingress. And second, you might damage any electrical components such as lights or their cabling.  Instead, get a professional sign technician to make regular visits. They will clean out the inside of cabinet signs, taking care not to disturb any seals or damage the lighting. 

Under Pressure

Pressure washers are a great invention that make removing difficult substances such as algae a breeze. But they are not recommended for using on your signs. The water pressure can cause a lot of damage to the materials, the seals, the fixings and the sub-facia. Once the seals are breached they can let in water, which could rot your signage or cause issues with any electrical components. The time saved simply isn’t worth the potential trouble you will have waiting in store for you later on.

You Still need An Expert

If you signs are illuminated get in an electrician to look inside and clean your sign. The risk you face otherwise is causing a power cut to your store from shorting the electrical systems. You could even risk causing an electrical fire in worst case scenario. Add to that a risk of your insurance not paying out if they discover your sign’s electrical systems were touched by someone not trained to do so, and it could be an excuse not to compensate you for any damage you have caused. It simply isn’t worth it.

Hope you enjoyed some tips on cleaning your signage. Cygnia is the UK’s leading signage maintenance service company. We clean hundreds of signs across the UK with the largest network of maintenance engineers. So if you want to discuss keeping your signage clean, talk to the real experts and get in touch with us for an informal chat. 

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