One Less Problem This Winter

a retail sign failing

With Summer finally over, the nights are starting to draw in and temperatures drop. It’s that final lap of the year when we head towards festive periods. It’s also the time when you’re thinking about how you might have a decent festive trading period too. Christmas should be a time when the tills ring loudly for retailers. Which means every part of your operations must be on point and ready to play their part.

There’s a kind of irony that the busiest trading period of the year is also when the weather does its best to disrupt your business. Arguably the most vulnerable and visual part of your store will be your signage. All that wind and rain and cold soon finds out any weakpoints. And when it does, the clock starts ticking.

The countdown won’t stop or pause either. Weather doesn’t work to office hours. It can wreak havoc at the most inconvenient of times. Such as 2:00am on a Sunday morning, or right at the start of a Bank Holiday. When that happens, and your signage fails, you need to sort out the problem fast. And to do that, you need to find someone to make the repairs. That can be a challenge during a weekday, let alone the middle of the night during a holiday period.

Winter, and the various holidays it brings, makes it a trying time to find a tradesman to fix any problem with your property. With your signage, it becomes much harder as you are restricted in who you can call.

In the UK, signage maintenance is covered by legislation which mandates against repairs being made by casual labour or general builders. So your options for sorting out broken signage is more limited. And as Christmas Eve this year falls on a Sunday, the entire festive period effectively becomes a two week holiday. If your signage is starts to fail then, it really has to hang on until well into 2024.

Could it get any worse? Sadly, yes. You will have seen how the weather has become more extreme in the last few years. More rain, a lot more wind, and sharper cold snaps. Winter tests the integrity of even a brand new sign. For older signs in need of more frequent maintenance, it can push them over the edge. And if that does become the case, then you’ll feel a lot happier having Cygnia looking after your signs.

Signage Maintenance No Matter When

When your signage is maintained by Cygnia, we’re here to fix problems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter when your sign has an issue. Our UK network of engineers are ready to help and resolve any signage issues you may have.

So while you finalise your plans to have a great trading period this winter, make Cygnia the reason why your signage will be one less thing to worry about. We are here when you need us and our 24/7/365 help desk provides a single point of contact for management of all reactive sign maintenance and image protection services.

a retail sign failing

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