Look After Your Signage – Clear Your Gutters

Clearing out the gutters around your retail premises is an essential task within a maintenance programme. But it often gets forgotten or only part-done. We take a look at why you should make sure you keep your guttering clean, and why it is a clever idea to do it as part of your signage maintenance schedule.

Why Have Your Gutters Cleared?

When done properly, clearing gutters makes sure they can remove water away from your building. A professional service will take time to remove leaves and debris to give rain a fast means of escape. By keeping your guttering clear your property will have less chance of damage to the roofing, fascia, and walls. It also helps keep the gutters themselves in good condition, lasting longer.

Clearing gutters can be a dangerous task for anyone not experienced or not using the right equipment. Usually, the work is done at height, and using a basic ladder with no planning is simply not safe. A professional on the other hand will have the right equipment to do the work quickly and safely.

Clear Guttering – Healthy Sign

Clearing guttering often also benefits your signage. In many cases guttering runs around signs, either directly above or sometimes below. Blocked guttering can spill water around the vicinity of the sign, weakening the fascia or even leaking into the sign itself.

While your signage is being maintained, it makes sense to have your gutters cleared at the same time. This way, the chances of your signage being damaged by blocked guttering is reduced. Plus, you are having two important tasks completed in one visit.

Cygnia Maintenance engineers are fully equipped to check and clear your guttering while maintaining your signs. Fully trained to complete jobs at height safely, they will keep the risks from clearing gutters to a minimum. And with their ability to spot issues with fascia and substrates, they will be able to let you know any potential problems with your guttering before they become a danger to others.

Keep Your Gutters Clear And Safe

The risks involved in having someone not correctly trained and equipped to clear your gutters far outweigh any small cost advantage. Contact us now and ask us more about how your guttering can be kept as clean as your signage by the UK’s sign maintenance experts.

Keeping your gutters clear helps preserve the safety and life of your signage

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