Keeping Signage Maintenance In Good Order

At Cygnia we are justifiably proud of the standards we set for signage maintenance. We provide the largest dedicated network of engineers. Our teams are trained and certified to undertake a full range of maintenance services safely. And we provide a comprehensive overview of every aspect of your signage too. We call it keeping signage maintenance in good order. It is not enough to care for your signs – you need to show they are being looked after too.

This is more than just having some paperwork in a file. It is the ability to show, when required by a body such as the HSE, that your maintenance plan is compliant with legislative requirements. Which is of course very important, both for your business reputation and your sanity. So here is what you can expect when you have your signage maintained by Cygnia.

Keeping your maintenance in good order

To ensure you receive a full overview of the health of your signage, we invested in a custom-made software platform. Called Maestro 2, it allows us to produce a wide variety of reports to you, available at a frequency to suit. With Maestro 2 you can have a complete view of the status of your signage. You can view information on the following criteria:

  • Completion of PPM during a defined time period
  • A summary of reactive work orders received
  • A listing of first-time fixes achieved
  • All works completed within the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Detailed history of any health and safety issues discovered
  • Full overview of any signage with problems
  • Analysis across your estate to identify any potential patterns or themes

That is just a list of popular criteria chosen by our customers. Other detailed criteria can also be included where required.

With such detailed information, you can plan your signage strategy in advance with complete confidence. Plus, if you are ever required to provide evidence of your signage maintenance plans, our reports are an excellent demonstration of the investment you make in high quality signage maintenance.

So, if you want the paper trial of your signage maintenance to be a lot more than just a handwritten note after a quick clean, you need to get in touch with us. We will give you a demonstration of Maestro 2 and show you how our reporting abilities give you complete peace of mind for your signage maintenance strategy.

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