Is your signage ready for summer?

While it doesn’t feel like 5 minutes ago we were all signing Auld Lang Syne, you may have noticed the days have been getting a lot longer now. Yes, we are getting towards the halfway point of the year. Which means the weather will, at some point, turn rather hot and the sun will beat down on your signage. If you think that means you can relax, think again.

In the last few months the cold temperatures in winter have caused parts of your signage to contract and expose gaps for water and wind to attack. Now, as the thermometer head to the other end of the scale, your signage will expand. It is at this point that components such as framework can buckle or twist, vinyl substrates wrinkle, or fixings begin to shear from the relentless pressure put on them. The most serious issue though can be with the facias behind the signage. If it has been steadily rotting away then the drier weather can provoke failures, leading to dropping signage or much worse.

The turn in weather is a really good reason why you should spring into action and get your signage ready for summer. With a simple maintenance schedule in place, you can have your signage inspected and any issues fixed before they turn serious. Which will keep your signs looking great for the nicer weather and continue to bring in customers through your doors.

Getting a plan in place is easy. Working with us lets you access the UK’s biggest network of highly trained engineers. They can tell you if you have any problems with your signs. And just as quickly, they can get any issues resolved. Helping you avoid a potential disaster looming over your head.

So, before the weather actually does get rather nice – and before we start mentioning how many days to Christmas – get in touch with us now and ask about our signage safety inspection. And we will help you enjoy rather than curse the sunshine.

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