How To Hurt Your Revenues This Winter

It might seem odd for us to suggest ways to actively damage your business. But there is one simple way to hurt your revenues this winter. And that is to simply prevent your signage from doing its job.

The importance of the signage adorning your store can’t be overstated. A well-designed sign that works properly can account for as much as half of your overall takings. It attracts all manner of customers. There are the ones who have planned to visit your store for days. And there are those who are just walking or driving past. They may have a list of items to buy or are simply curious about an item you sell. But whatever the reason, your signage plays a massive role in bringing them through the door.

Stopping your signage doing it’s job

It means that your signage, when it is not maintained, can’t fulfil its role. During the winter period, the most common issue with an external sign is lighting failure.  The timing can’t be any worse of course, as this is when your signage needs illuminating more than any other time. A typical store will have the external signage lit up throughout a grey, dank day. And the shorter days means more trading hours are in the dark.

So, when the lighting in your signage fails, your revenues are inevitably going to be hit. A retailer with a dark sign signals the store is closed. Customers will walk past to a competitor instead. And that loss of revenue will hit your store hard. A conservative estimate is the loss of earnings from a failed sign in winter can be up to 30% every day. And that reduction in revenue will very quickly be unsustainable for any business.

Avoid hitting your revenues this Winter

The obvious solution then is to make sure the lighting in your signage is working properly. Right now you should check your signs and have any failed lighting inspected and replaced. This time of year is an ideal point to have your signage tested and checked before the long nights and festive period begins.

While you are checking your sign lighting, think about how the benefits of LED lighting make your sign too. With LED technology, your signage lighting can reduce your signage energy usage by up to 90%. It also makes your signage more sustainable. So, unless you want to lose 30% of your revenues this winter, talk to us about making your signage brighter, longer lasting and more energy efficient.

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