How often should you clean your signs?

Cygnia Maintenance How Often Do You Clean Your Signs

You know how important it is to  keep the signage of your outlet clean and bright. It’s a basic piece of housekeeping to maximise the attention your visual branding will get from customers. So it makes perfect sense to ensure you have a regular cleaning schedule for your signs. But how often should you clean your signs? Here’s some simple advice from Cygnia to help.

No-one likes to see their signage looking grubby or tired. In outdoor settings local pollution from traffic can collect and build up on signs, giving them a grey-black tint over time. This will of course impact on any bright colours used in your signs, making them less noticeable. Any illumination used in your signs will also find it harder to do their job – your signs will start to dim. So keeping your signs clean is an important task which should be done regularly.

Don’t Overdo It

However, it’s also possible to over-clean your signage, which can do more harm than good. Attacking your signs with harsh chemicals or over-enthusiastic rubbing can damage the display, causing it to lose its clarity. The inks used in your signage can be removed or start to fade. The substrate can end up wrinkling, the surround start to tarnish. And constant poking and scraping could disrupt any sealing used, That in turn causes leaks to develop which will put electrical systems inside your signs at risk of failure. Finally, the sign fixings and sub-facia can be affected by too much cleaning. This can result in weaknesses developing and putting your signs at risk of falling.

So it’s vital you strike a balance between having clean and bright signs and ensuring they are in good working order. We suggest looking to have a regular cleaning schedule that takes place 4 times per year. Timing this cleaning schedule can also help you to maximise seasonal sales opportunities – important if you are dependent on certain times of the year for your revenue.

Lets’ look at an example schedule and how it can help your retail business.

Merry Christmas!

If you have your signs cleaned at the start of December, you not only have them ready for Winter but they are also at their brightest during the Christmas period – a handy time to having bright signs during the longer evenings.

Catching the Easter Bunny

It would then follow that the next cleaning appointment would be at the beginning of March, which coincides with a handy spring clean and prepares you for the Easter period and the various holidays within this season.

Sun, sun, sun (well, hopefully)

Following from Easter the next scheduled time would be the start of June. Summer is about to start and the longer days with bright sunshine will bounce off your bright, clean signage.

Ready For Those Falling Leaves

It’s back to school and the start of nights drawing in once again. So give your signs a clean to make sure they look their best when lit  as the evenings beginning to darken.

And this takes us back to December, where the cleaning schedule repeats.

Cygnia is the UK’s leading signage maintenance service company. We clean hundreds of signs across the UK with the largest network of maintenance engineers. So if you want to discuss keeping your signage clean, talk to the real experts and get in touch with us for an informal chat.

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