How Can You Make Your Signage More Sustainable?

How to make your signage more sustainable

In this article we take a look at when you sometimes need to repair signage during its life, and suggest how you can make your signage more sustainable.

When you invest in your store signage, you want them to work hard for you, and for them to last. After all, they have an important job to do. They need to tell everyone where you are – and encourage them to pay your store a visit.

But sometimes events can conspire to put a spanner in the works. Especially with signage.

The weather can shorten the life of a sign considerably if it is installed in a highly exposed location. If a area where the sign is located is tired, it can soon work loose and fail. And a fire or flood can wreak havoc with your sign – even when it’s not your store that’s involved.

But whatever the reason, sometimes you need to have repairs made to your signage to bring it back to looking great and working hard again.

And when that happens you have the chance to improve the sustainability of your signage.

Basically, this means you will change one or more of the materials and components within your sign. When you do this , you will opt for an alternative which can be either:

  • Recycled for use in another sign or for another purpose, or
  • Bio-degrade when your sign is eventually taken down and disposed.

Here are three examples for you.

If your sign uses a box framework it will typically have a surround. If you change this to one made from aluminium, you will be using a material which can be recycled when your sign eventually reaches the end of its working life.

If your sign uses a PVC material, you should be aware this can be extremely damaging to the environment. PVC doesn’t biodegrade and uses inks which can be toxic too. You could therefore change this for a more eco-friendly material that does not contain PVC and will biodegrade when it reaches the end of its working life.

The next suggestion helps your wallet as well as the environment. If the lighting system in your sign consists of fluorescent tubes, these can also be changed for a less polluting alternative. The gases within the tubes are not good for the atmosphere and the units can contain un-recyclable materials. So if or when the lighting in your signage begins to fail, look to upgrading them to LED light instead. LED uses a fraction of the energy consumed by fluorescent tubes, making them safer and more economical in use. At Cygnia we are committed to helping your business enjoy amazing signage for longer. So if you want to know more about repairing your signs the sustainable way, get in touch with us for an informal chat.

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