Heatwave and signage

With thermometers set to climb above 30 degrees, it looks like summer in the UK is finally here!

But what does this mean for your signage? We have seen how the UK has been experiencing more extreme weather – with the likes of Storm Dudley earlier this year and some torrential downpours too, will hotter summers also cause havoc with retail signs?

When you take a details look at how a sign is made and installed, you can begin to spot potential issues in how they may behave under a hot sun. For example, aluminium framing around a sign will expand when hot, which can cause them to buckle if they don’t have some tolerance built in to their construction. Similarly, vinyl materials can being to warp if not mounted and stretched correctly, causing rippling that makes the sign unreadable. And finally – and most importantly – if the facia behind the signage is rotting then the fixings can loosen, making the signage more susceptible to failure.   

It’s these reasons why making sure your signage is covered with a maintenance plan is more vital than ever before. Hot weather can cause untold damage to your signs and put your staff and customers at risk of injury should they fall down. Which is why you should talk to Cygnia. With our network of engineers we have the experience and resources to take a detailed look at your signage and quickly tell you if you might have a disaster quite literally looming over your head – and be able to fix the problem quickly and safely.

So before you grab the sun cream and enjoy the lovely sun over the next few days, get in touch with us now and ask about our signage safety inspection. And we’ll help you keep the heat out of your wallet.

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