Has The Pandemic Put Your Customers At Risk?

Has the pandemic put your customers at risk?

The Pandemic, and enforced closure of many shops across the country, has had a serious impact on the High Street in many different ways. One issue that is beginning to raise its head is the extended pause in trading has meant signs have not been checked over, in some case for several years, and their condition is becoming parlous.

This is a problem not lost on Government agencies however. They have deemed the safety of signage a national priority area. As a result, local authorities have been distributing letters to retailers to ask them to make sure they meet statutory duties and ensure the signs they own are being kept in a safe condition.

It’s potentially a difficult situation for many retailers., They may be unsure how to go about sign maintenance and who should do the work; This is far from asking a friend to help out or just getting in a local builder; it is also a requirement that any maintenance is undertaken by someone with relevant training and certification.

But if you have received a letter from your local authority recently about your signage, it is your responsibility to undertake these tasks – so you need to take action fast.

The good news is this doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time and energy – in fact it can be done with a simple phone call. You can get support and help to make sure your signs are safe and secure from Cygnia.

As the UK’s largest maintainer of retail signage, we can help you to you with determining a suitable inspection frequency.

  1. Professional Signage Inspection You can have your signage inspected by experts to make sure it is both fit for purpose and has been installed correctly.
  2. Help With Your Risk Assessment It’s rare that store signage is included within a risk assessment. Via our inspection, we can help you to update your appraisal
  3. Get Your Signage Maintained.  You can have a Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement which is appropriate to your store and environment, and will keep your signs safe and working perfectly

Most importantly, your signage will be checked and looked after by engineers who are continually trained and fully qualified, and any materials used will be appropriate quality to your sign and your building.

Don’t Delay – Get Your Signage Checked.

It’s vital you don’t put off getting your signage checked, so contact us now and let’s get a simple plan in place that works for your business and keeps your signage safe and secure  -and looking amazing too. And if you have any queries about your signage or are unsure of any points raised, you can talk to us for help and advice. Just get in touch.

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