Cleaning Is The Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Signage.

Cygnia maintenance Why Cleaning Your Sings Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

You might well wonder why we say that cleaning is the worst thing you can do to your signage. After all, like any retail business owner, you will have pride in how your business looks to the outside world.  So you sweep up the litter and give the windows a clean each month. And, we would hope, you get a professional in to remove the dirt and dust covering your signage too. After all, your sign is a significant investment and it has to do its job for many years. The last thing you would want to do is risk it falling apart, all down to saving a few pennies.

But if you prefer to clean your retail signage yourself, you should know a few tips to avoid doing more harm than good. And if you do any of the below, hopefully the advice below will help you to avoid any mishaps or premature sign failures in the future.

Don’t Put Your Signage Under Pressure

Power washers are great tools. And the way they quickly shift dirt off brick walls or paving slabs can save you loads of time too. But using a power washer on signage is a bad idea.

The water pressure a typical power washer generates is usually over 200psi. That jet pressure is excellent at removing dirt and detritus – but also a very real threat to the integrity of your signage itself. Vinyl adhesives can be strong, but the intense pressure from a power washer can cause edges to lift, while seals used around the edges are designed to resist rain water, not the impact from powerful water jets. And if water is allowed to get inside your signage, it can play havoc with any electrical components. Meaning your signage lighting could short out, putting your store at risk of electrical fire.

Steam Clean Can Be Mean

While we are mentioning power washers, steam cleaners can present a similar threat to your signage too. Steam cleaning has risen in popularity over the last few years; it’s a hygienic way to clear dirt and at times seems to lift staining like magic. But it can also cause inks to lift and adhesives to lose adhesion, resulting in signage de-laminating and losing their visual impact.

Keep The Bleach Out Of Reach

If you’re tempted to get out some household cleaning fluids to shirt the grime off your signage, think again. Harsh chemicals such as bleach can will fade colours, leaving your sign looking badly faded and worn. And remember, metal cleaning compounds will remove protective paint layers shielding aluminium framing from corrosion, shortening their lifespan.

Don’t Brush With Disaster

Retail signs don’t really respond well to aggressive cleaning. Brushes can remove glossy finishes which help your sign to gleam to the public, while sharp edged tools such as scrapers will remove protective coatings. They may get the dirt off, but very quickly your signage will appear scratched, flat and lifeless.

In reality, cleaning your signage is much better left to experts such as Cygnia. Then you know your signs are being cleaned using specialist detergents that care for the surface while removing accumulated grime. Plus, you can be confident your sign will continue to work at night, with less risk to lighting and any other electrical components being compromised.  So next time you are looking at your signage maintenance, contact Cygnia. Then you can be sure you’re getting the UK’s foremost care and support for your retail signs.

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