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picture of signage at Picadilly Circus, London.

With the seasons slowly giving way to winter, there is one inevitable change as the days head towards the end of the year. The days grow shorter and the nights become long and dark.

As a result, your business is going to need your signage a lot more to bring in customers. Winter means less and less hours to be visible in daylight. So your signs rely on illumination to catch the passersby. Without it, less people will come to your doors. And that means a hit on your takings.

Lighting within your signage is something you can almost take for granted. But this year, more than ever, this is a bad idea.

2023 saw new legislation come into effect banning the sale of fluorescent tubes. Plus, over the last year, the massive increases in energy prices have made a huge impact on your costs. Put together, these two factors mean that lighting your signage effectively will be a bigger cost to your business. And yet, having failed lighting will mean your revenues will drop. A double whammy that in either direction is a lose-lose situation for you.

Just to put some salt on this wound, you will now be starting to count down to Christmas. This is for many their peak trading period. With so much competition for every precious proud in your customer’s pockets, failed lighting will hit you even harder.  

The answer to this double-sided problem is twofold. First, it is vital you get your signage checked for any potential issues that could put your signage lighting out of action. An inspection will quickly find any faults and give you the chance to put them right. Which at least gives you a fighting chance of your signage remaining fully lit up and operational for the months ahead.

The second is to move your signage lighting from fluorescent to LED technology. Finding replacement fluorescent tubes to replace old broken ones will become painfully tedious. That will only get worse when you have a large number inside signage across your estate. Also, LED lighting will give you a big drop in your energy bill. And the technology lasts far longer than fluorescent tubes. It’s a simple investment in your signage which will pay you back within months. Let’s not forget that the move can be written off against your tax, or you might even be able to get a grant for the work – making it even more attractive.

So, a timely inspection along with changing your signage lighting will benefit your business. Your signage will have reliable lighting. It will last for years. And your electricity bill will fall. And the big bonus? You know your signage will be working harder than ever to bring in more customers. Cygnia’s expert maintenance engineers can inspect your signage lighting and make quality repairs, usually on the spot. They can also upgrade your signage to use LED lighting, transforming it into a dazzling display. So get in touch now for the professional support you need to have your store signage looking amazing. And get ready for the long dark nights.

picture of signage at Picadilly Circus, London.

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