Bad Weather Ahead?

It’s hard to look at the high temperatures recently recorded in the Mediterranean and not feel a little jealous, After all, the summer so far here in the UK can best be described as abysmal. Endless days of rain, followed by the occasional rainy day. It just hasn’t stopped being grey, dull, and damp. Which only makes you wonder if there is bad weather ahead.

Unfortunately, we are now sliding downwards towards the Autumn and Winter months. So this poor weather is only going to become more common. But there is a most worrying factor you need to consider in the months ahead. And that is the possibility of high winds returning.

In the last two years the country has been buffeted by a succession of storms. Dudley, Eunice, Franklin and Gladys blasted the UK from coast to coast. These storms brought high winds pulling away at fixtures on buildings. And now Storm Babet is with us, bringing a months rain in four days with gale force winds.

These high winds can be extremely destructive, particularly to your signage. With the continual onslaught of damp weather many frontages haven’t had a chance to dry out. Which doesn’t bode well for when colder nights arrive – and high winds will take full advantage.

Bad Weather Ahead = Bad News For Signage

Such bad weather exploits the smallest problem in your signage. Joints will be forced open, causing seals to fail and exposing electrical fittings. The fixings will be pushed to their limits. Any softness in building facias will become major failing points.  

With Storm Eunice claiming the record for the highest wind recorded at 122MPH, signage that is not 100% secure is vulnerable to such immense power. The last four storms we endured caused £360 Million of damage to property and, sadly, claimed the lives of three people. 

It’s for this reason you need to get a head start and have your signage checked in the coming weeks.  An inspection by Cygnia, undertaken 3 months ahead of the bad weather ahead, will tell you the real health of your signage – and give you time to resolve any problems. Failed seals, damp electrics, loose fixings and ageing sub-facias can be fixed now rather than later – or worse, when it’s too late. And during high winds, working at height becomes severely restricted. Putting your signage at even bigger risk of failure. Instead, taking this one simple step could save you a lot of expense and time due to sorting out a failed sign.

So, while the sun is, well, sort of shining, contact us today to make your signage fit and ready for the wind and bad weather ahead.

A sign destroyed by high winds and bad weather

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