Are you ready for the long dark nights?

Signage being inspected at night

You probably won’t want to read the next sentence. At time of writing you are just 8 weeks away from Hallowe’en and 16 weeks from Christmas. You might not care either. After all, the sun is out and the days are still long. But the days are already getting shorter, and very soon your signs are going to be lit up for a long time every day. Which brings up the question; Are you ready for the long dark nights?

Which is why right now is the perfect time to check the lighting inside your signage.

A failed fluorescent tube or LED strip may not seem serious now. But very soon it starts to get dark by early evening and the sun barely peeks over the horizon at 8am. And when that happens, your signage will suddenly start to look badly maintained. That can put people off entering your store,  hitting your takings. And when you are heading towards the Christmas season, your signage needs to be looking amazing – not broken.

So you really should ask your signage maintainer to come and check your signage lighting and get it fixed ahead of the dark cold winter nights slowly coming over the horizon. And when they have been inspected and any problems sorted, keep an eye on them too. You can do this yourself with a  simple 2-minute visual check. First, switch the signage lighting on and see if it lights up or if any sections are flickering of not lit. Also, check if any of the lighting is taking longer to start up. This is a signal the tube is beginning to fail, or has a problem with the igniter. Finally, leave the sign lights on for a few minutes to make sure there are no sections that begin to flicker or fade. If so, there may be a connection issue.

A Good Maintenance Schedule Is Essential

Doing this does not mean you don’t have to have your signs maintained – far from it. You are required by law to keep your signage maintained by professionals who have the expertise to spot any problems and fix them properly. Besides, you have enough to do every day, you don’t have the time and certainly don’t want the risks involved in signage maintenance.

But a regular inspection of the lighting in your signage will make sure it works perfectly during Winter. Plus, you will also have peace of mind knowing the electrical connections are all safe and won’t put your store at risk of fire or outages. With Cygnia’s expert maintenance engineers you can get your signage lighting inspected and any issues repaired, usually on the spot. So don’t wait until you need your signage lit up during the dark nights ahead. Get in touch and get the professional support you need to have your store signage looking amazing. And make sure you are ready for the long dark nights.

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