Are You Playing Trick or Treat With Your Signage?

Are you playing Trick or Treat with your signage

Hallowe’en, or All Hallows Eve to give it the full name, is a much older tradition that the rather Americanised one we enjoy today. Originally a pagan festival rooted in ancient Celtic beliefs, it has survived being reframed by Christianity and has enjoyed an ongoing revival over the last 40 years. Of course, we all know the basic premise; children going door-to-door asking for a reward on pain of delivering a prank on the homeowner.

Which takes us to the point of our article today. When you treat your retail signage to a regular schedule of care and attention, it stays in place and helps customers to spot your business and guide them to your door. And it really can’t be overstated how big a reward your signage gives back to you when it is kept in good order. A clean sign is more easily seen and presents your business in the best possible light. Talking of which, all your lights should now be working. When they do, they will be helping you attract more custom with the nights now drawing in. And of course, no-one wants to walk under a sign that is hanging on by its last, slowly bending screw.

Will The Sign Pixies Visit Your Store?

But not treating your signage to regular maintenance is asking for trouble. The tricks that could be played on you will be far from welcome. These include lights fizzling out, parts dropping off, or even the entire sign falling down. And that would be followed by a very inconvenient visit from your local Health & Safety Inspector. And that’s the immediate problems. Longer term your business reputation suffers. Locals forget what you sell, but they remember the mess your sign made when it collapsed on to the pavement. Which then has a knock-on effect about the perception of your business. A failed sign gives the impression you have little interest in caring about delivering a great customer service. Which means shoppers go elsewhere.

So, as Hallowe’en draws closer, it’s a good time to remember to treat your signage to a maintenance plan. Otherwise, the tricks it may play will be something you won’t forget in a hurry.

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