3 ways your sign is telling you it’s failing

2 ways to spot your sign is failing

We like to think you are visiting our website to understand more about signage maintenance and we can help you with our expert engineers and services. Looking after retail and commercial signage is far from easy – in fact it can be quite a responsibility – and we hope you see how seriously we take looking after your signage.

Whether you want to stay on the right side of the law or prefer to be highly proactive with caring for your signs, working with Cygnia gives you the flexibility to make sure your signage is maintained how you see fit. And let’s not forget, signage maintenance is a legal requirement. You have to get a competent third party to look after your signs.

But you can also play a part in caring for your signage. Some basic checks done each month can help to avoid your signs becoming a risk to your staff and customers. It could even help you avoid hefty repair bills. So here are 3 ways your sign is telling you it’s failing – simple visual checks you can make without needing any ladders or special equipment as part of an effective maintenance schedule.

Is it Secure?

The first check is a simple one. Stand away from your signage and look to see if it is level. Then look at each side to see if the sign is peeling away from the frontage.

In both cases you are looking to spot any failed fixings. This is the most common reason for signs failing to stay in place. Also, if your sign has weatherproof flashing fixed round the edged, these checks will help you to spot any splits or tears, which could allow water or vermin to get inside your signs. 

Are there any ageing signs?

The second visual check is to look at the sign itself. If your sign uses a vinyl covering, is it still in place or is it peeling away? If the sign contains affixed lettering, is it all in place and aligned? And finally, look at the edging around a sign. Is it all straight and attached, or are any sections loose or drooping?

All three checks help you to understand if the sign is coping with the weather or starting to fail. A letter falling from a sign could cause serious injury, while peeling vinyl or loose edging can let in water, putting any electrical connections inside at risk of shorting. And of course, they can all make your business look unappealing to people walking past – so you get less customers.

Are the lights working?

The last check is to simply switch on the lighting inside the sign and then check it is working. All should fire up promptly – any that are taking time to start working should be inspected immediately. This can be a sign of more serious issues within the sign, such as worn or damaged connections.

Remember, these visual checks should be done only in addition to the maintenance contract you will have for your signs. To know 3 ways your sign is telling you it’s failing is good to know, but you still need to have a maintenance schedule for your signage. And they must be looked after by professionals with the training and experience to ensure your signs do not pose a risk to others. Contact Cygnia to discuss your signage maintenance schedule – and get your signage looked after by qualified experts.

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