What Is The Point Of Signage Maintenance?

For any business using signage the subject of maintenance is often not properly understood. We look at the point of signage maintenance and show why it’s vital.

If you don’t look after your signage, the elements will combine to make it look dirty and worn. UV rays will steadily bleach out once vibrant colours. Electrical components will stop working and the fixings will begin to fail from the continual assault by heat, cold, wind and rain. The end result is signage that fails to do its job – attract people to your store as they instead go to spend their money with businesses who present a better public face. But just as importantly, your signage also becomes dangerous to your staff and passers-by. So the cost isn’t just in terms of lost sales, but also potential claims against you for injuries from falling signage.

But maintenance isn’t only concerned with preventing a catastrophe. Signage maintenance services provided by Cygnia can include replacing individual components within the sign, such as vinyl faces, individual lettering, or just a single lamp. So the actual point of maintenance isn’t to simply avoid disaster; it’s also to keep your signage in the best possible condition.

Whether it’s to keep your signage looking like new or to make sure it doesn’t fall down, the debate about the point of signage maintenance boils down to money. And here you have to balance the loss of revenue from lost trade due to broken signage against it being looked after, or the cost to you and your business from signage falling off the front of your store – potentially injuring someone. In either case, signage maintenance wins every time.

Another comparison is maintaining your car. To not bother checking the oil, bulbs or tyre pressures risks suffering a major breakdown in the future. But it also puts you at risk of being caught driving an unsafe car, with court fines and costs outweighing the potential savings of a few pounds from not changing a bald tyre or replacing a worn-out windscreen wiper. So you keep your car in good order precisely because you know the cost and inconvenience that neglect can cause.

So if you want your business to thrive, and don’t want to deal with negligence claims, get in touch with us to help you keep your signage in top condition.

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