Signage refresh delivers both energy savings and visual improvement

Cygnia are a leading force in LED signage retrofits in the UK and continually achieve great results for businesses looking for carbon reduction and sustainability.

Signage presents a great opportunity for energy reduction and we were pleased to deliver some amazing results for a national retailer.


A large national retailer with an estate of 50 sites required a refresh of existing signage that delivered both energy savings and visual improvement.

Project delivery

– Our teams completed the project on time, out of hours with zero disruption to trading
– Both low level and high level LED sign conversion installations were made to replace standard fluorescent tubing and improve both the service life and appearance of the signs over time
– The LED’s installed do not contain mercury or phosphorous so will not harm the environment if damaged
– Cygnia are licensed waste carriers and 100% of the existing fluorescent matter was recycled.

– Energy consumption of signage across the estate was reduced by 89%
– Typical saving per sign per annum £1,562
– Total saving per annum £78,100*
– A sustainable conversion with a full warranty period applied
– Improved light performance, lower lumen depreciation and a greater colour consistency.
Signage presents a great opportunity for energy reduction. Cygnia Maintenance can demonstrate the potential energy saving opportunities available to your business through an estate signage audit and the options to integrate into your maintenance plan.

For more information on how you can reduce energy consumption across your signage contact our sales team [email protected]

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