Reduce your signage’s environmental footprint

If you’re looking for more sustainable options when it comes to energy usage, then an LED signage refit offers a fast and effective way of obtaining immediate results.

Replacing existing high energy consumption signage presents an ideal opportunity for retailers to cut their energy usage – while at the same time modernising their image.

An exciting conversion challenge

Cygnia is a leading force in LED signage retrofits in the UK, and we’ve achieved some amazing results.

Recently, we were set an exciting challenge by a large national retailer with an estate of 50 sites. The retailer asked us to refresh their existing signage – at the same time, delivering energy savings and making a visual improvement.

This is the kind of challenge our project delivery team love. They completed the project on time, out of hours with zero disruption to trading. The team replaced standard fluorescent tubing with both low level and high-level LED sign conversion installations.

The results speak for themselves

As a result of this 50-site conversion:

– The service life of the signs was significantly increased
– The exterior of the retail sites was dramatically enhanced
– Light performance was improved
– There is now lower lumen depreciation.
– The signs have greater colour consistency
– Risk of harm to the environment was decreased as the LEDs installed don’t contain mercury or phosphorous, so won’t harm the environment if damaged.
And here’s the really impressive figures:

– Energy consumption of signage across the estate was reduced by 89%
– Typical saving per sign per annum £1,562
– Total saving per annum £78,100 (based on 50 sites)
The retailer has the added reassurance that a full warranty period applies to this sustainable conversion.

Cygnia has outstanding credentials

Signage presents an ideal opportunity for energy reduction, and Cygnia has excellent credentials when it comes to the management of these projects.

We’re licensed waste carriers, and 100% of the existing fluorescent matter from the above project was recycled.

At Cygnia, we can undertake an estate signage audit and demonstrate the potential energy-saving opportunities available to your business through an LED signage retrofit.

The energy-saving benefits of LED lighting

Signage is an area that can consume vast amounts of energy – but it doesn’t have to be that way. With LED lights, you can produce a brighter image that uses less energy. Plus, LEDs don’t generate much heat.

A major benefit of LEDs is their long lifespan compared to neon and fluorescent lighting. They last 25 times longer than incandescent lights.

Because LEDs don’t leak gasses, there’s no risk of them dimming over time like neon lights. And they provide a much longer display time than neon.

The visual benefits of LED lighting

As well as energy-saving benefits, LEDs also bring many visual benefits. They offer exceptional brightness and colour quality. They can be seen in full daylight.

And there’s no need to compromise on effect with LEDs as you can choose from a range of features, including fading, flashing, animation and colour changes. Coupled with their lightweight design, LEDs offer a much higher level of versatility when planning your signage.

Would you like to reduce your signage’s environmental footprint?

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