Project Restart – Why Signage Shouldn’t be Forgotten!

As we edge toward the end of the national lockdown with a roadmap in place Government financial support in the form of ‘restart’ grants have been announced. One that no doubt will be welcomed is the grant of up to £6,000.00 for all non – essential retailers or 18,000 for Hospitality and Leisure, come April, this figure is per location ensuring all sites receive a healthy sum to prepare for that all exciting reopening!

You may have an idea of priorities for this sum to be spent on areas throughout your estate, however, we want to share with you the importance of signage and its impacts on your existing and prospective shoppers.

Brand Presentation – External store signage is the first impression you, as a business, get to make on shoppers, the importance of a fully illuminated, well presented sign will allow you to stand out amongst the noise of the competition and attract the footfall we have longed for, for such a long time now.

Health and Safety – Whilst stores have been inactive, signage has been at the forefront of the elements. Winter weather and empty premises may have seen signs damaged and health and safety issues missed. Costly accidents can be avoided by managing the security of fixings across your estate.

As signage maintenance consultants we are here to help. Cygnia will not only ensure that your signage is in full working order, ready for the influx of shoppers but also protect you from any potential safety concerns with an integrity check to all those fixings that may not have enjoyed an inspection in some time.

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