Is it time to get signage certified as safe?

As we emerge from the final restrictions of the pandemic, many businesses are preparing to reopen fully for the first time in many months.

A duty of care to staff and customers has never been more important to companies, yet there’s one area that’s often overlooked. When premises are empty, or maintenance budgets reduced signage is left vulnerable to the elements and health and safety issues can be missed.

As a result, the risk of accidents is high just as businesses get ready to welcome customers back.


We’re here to help

As signage maintenance consultants, Cygnia ensures your signage is in full working order, ready for the return of your customers.

Integrity checks of fixings that may not have been inspected for some time can protect you against safety hazards. Your risk is managed by ensuring the security of fixings across your estate.

Cygnia investigates suspected safety issues using market-leading portable testers to assess the crucial holding force of anchors and fixings of the signage through every level. Any problems can then be quickly resolved and managed.

The consequences of not taking action can cause serious injury and irreparable damage to a business.


Recent press coverage on signage safety

Pedestrian Hit by Falling Shop Sign Wins £61,000 – Fieldings Porter Solicitors – Manchester, Bolton & Lancashire

Woman is fighting for life after shop sign fell on her as she walked along upmarket street | Daily Mail Online

Display sign fell and hit my head… (

Woman suffers ‘minor injuries’ after shop sign falls on her in Penarth town centre | Penarth Times

Woman sues shop for £200,000 after sign fell on her head and badly injured her – Wales Online

Man hit by falling Cancer Research UK shop sign in The Cross | Worcester News

Two injured by falling shop sign above Euronics Centre Kitchener and Thomas, on Windsor Road in Penarth – Wales Online

Woman suffers head injuries after 40ft Sainsbury’s sign fell on her outside Swansea store (

Waterstones sign fell and killed bookseller in Blackpool – BBC News

Two women hit by falling M&S sign in Glasgow city centre – BBC News

Investigation launched after man is killed by metal sign that fell from betting shop in Camden Town, North London | The Independent | The Independent

Woman injured after shop sign falls on her in Norwich | Anglia – ITV News

Mountain Warehouse shop sign smashes into pensioner in Falmouth and knocks her unconscious | Metro News


Working with safety boards and insurance companies

We understand that signage safety can be a confusing area. This is why we’re looking to work with safety boards and insurance companies regarding certification.

These shocking headlines highlight the need for more insurance companies to fully understand what’s required from a business to make signage safe. As a result, there will be more clarity for retailers and other sectors when it comes to what their insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t.


Would you like advice on signage safety guidelines?

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We have extensive experience in maintaining signs of all shapes and sizes for all sectors of retail and industry

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