How To Maintain Your Retail Signage Even When Your Estate Is Changing

It is still possible to have your signage maintained even when your handling changes in your estate. We show you how you can still keep your signage maintained. 

If the last two years have taught us all anything it is the need for retailers to manage change. Flexibility is key to survival, especially with the onslaught of online competition. Being able to adapt quickly to embrace innovative ideas, to bring a new, competitive edge to real-world retail, will be the difference in the comping years between success and failure.

As these new ideas inevitably will have an impact on your retail signage, you then must re-consider how they should be maintained. Signage may need to be flexible to relocating or being removed altogether according to new shopping patterns or experiences. And this could put existing contracts out of sync with your ideas – leaving your signage outside of existing agreements and at risk of lengthy downtime in the event of failure.

The logical answer then is to ensure your sign maintenance support service is flexible. That will be key to it remaining available to support your signage across your estate in the future.

Your best option in this situation is to look at taking reactive maintenance. This would continue to provide you with signage maintenance, but would be on-demand rather than within a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) agreement. 

This can be perceived as a lesser option to PPM contracts, but in operation they can work exceptionally well. Reactive maintenance agreements can still provide identical services to a scheduled contract, with services including:

  • Fast response to broken signs (invaluable in harsh weather)
  • Failed lighting repairs, with teams fixing broken light systems or undertaking individual upgrades to LED lighting within signage
  • On-call signage replacement, taking care of damage incurred to signs
  • Ad-hoc safety inspections – again, invaluable after severe weather for estates with ageing properties
  • Promotional signage installation (ideal for selected sites looking to boost sales)
  • Vandal repairs, including graffiti removal
  • Signage disposal, where stores need to be closed down or replaced with new signage

Cygnia provides a help desk operating 24/7 as a single point of contact for reactive maintenance contract holders. This keeps signage maintenance extremely simple for customers; when signage is damaged a single phone call gets our teams swinging into action, usually arriving on site for emergency responses within 2-4 hours. Contact us today to ask about reactive maintenance and we will walk you through the options to see what is best for your retail business.

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