Hidden risks: What’s going on behind your signage?

It’s easy to take signage for granted, and it can be an area that’s forgotten when you carry out your safety checks.

However, regular sign maintenance is essential to ensure the safety of your staff,customers and the general public. It also helps you to avoid expensive repairs to your business premises.

As retail, leisure and commercial outlets prepare to reopen after lockdown, it’s crucial to take into account the security of your signage. This is especially relevant at this time of year as we come out of the winter months into spring.

What’s behind the sign?

Problems occur when your signage is fixed unprofessionally on to an unsuitable foundation or without weather proof flashing. And if it lacks the correct fixings, it becomes an alarming safety hazard.

Whether your building is old or new, it’s essential to inspect a surface before installing any signage. It’s highly risky to attempt to fix signs to deteriorating timber sub-fascia or other unstable surfaces.

Another common problem is when signage is installed using insufficient or inappropriate fixings for the sub-fascia and substrate. The result is a high-risk scenario with the potential to cause a dangerous accident.

If a sign has been installed correctly onto the correct sub-fascia without weatherproof flashing it can still become a risk.

In recent years, there have been a number of stories of accidents that have been caused by falling signage. This is, of course, highly detrimental to the reputation of any business, and it’s the responsibility of any multi-site operators to ensure their sites meet regulatory safety standards.

Is your signage secure?

At Cygnia, we provide a cost-effective retail sign maintenance service to enable you to achieve optimal levels of sign safety across your entire estate.

As part of our core Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service offering, we include an essential ‘Sign Health Check’ to test the safety, security and effectiveness of your current signage fixing. We also offer additional testing services which are fully intrusive and certified. We use market-leading portable testers, we can test the crucial holding force of your signages anchors and fixings at every level.

Our skilled engineering crews are direct employees of Cygnia, not sub contracted workers. They undertake to ensure quality and consistency are maintained according to work, health and safety practices to give you the reassurance that our service is carried out to the highest level.

Do you need additional safety health checks?

Cygnia also provides additional health check services over and above our basic signage PPM offers, depending on your requirements.

Additional services can cover any or all of the following:

– Full removal of signage to give an unobstructed view of sub-fascia substrate
– Full or part replacement of sub-fascia materials to provide a sound fixing for signage to be re-instated
– Re-installation of signage using improved fixing methods and fixing materials
– Checks on the presence of flashing and repair and replace as required
– The incorporation of LED upgrade or retrofit.
Could your signage be more efficient? Our health check will tell you how.

Don’t fall victim to the hidden dangers of unmanaged signage. For optimal estate management, contact Cygnia to heath check your estate signage.

We can offer services for delivery in clusters (10 to 15% of the estate per annum) or as a full national roll out. Individual project requirements dictate fees.

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