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Are your signs safe?

Getting noticed in the press can be great for business…it can also be quite the opposite if you are featured due to a serious accident.

Falling signage is a situation businesses never want to find themselves in and managing signage safety is an essential way to avoid this, and keep customers and employees safe.

The Cygnia Health Check service and regular planned maintenance allows you to achieve optimal levels of sign safety across your entire estate and avoid painful or costly accidents. All too often we encounter signs fixed to deteriorating timber sub-fascia, or signs installed with insufficient or inappropriate fixings for the sub-fascia and substrate.

As part of our core PPM service offering we include our essential ‘Sign Health Check’ to test the safety, security and effectiveness of your current signage fixing.

Our additional health check services include

  • Full removal of signage to give an unobstructed view of the sub-fascia substrate.
  • Full / part replacement of sub-fascia materials to provide a sound fixing for signage to be re-instated
  • Re-installation of signage using improved fixing methods and fixing materials
  • Checking the presence of flashing, repair, replace as required
  • Incorporation of an LED upgrade/retrofit.

Is it time for a Sign Health Check to make sure your business is not the next  to be adversely featured in the press for falling signage?

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