Cygnia News

Time to get ready!

Following the latest government announcements we are sure you are rapidly preparing for your estate to re-open;  but have you thought about your signage?

With shops unoccupied for some time, it is feasible that issues ordinarily reported and dealt with may have gone unnoticed as the long, harsh, wet winter has taken its toll.

We are here to assist in getting you ready and make sure you keep everyone safe:

  • Signage safety checks (with queues forming outside shops it has never been more important to ensure safety of fixing)
  • Signage illumination – full, uniform, energy efficient lighting
  • Sign cleaning – making the sign look as good as new
  • Repairs/replacement.

It is our aim to ensure that our clients have the safest and most aesthetically pleasing signs across their respective estates.

Contact us today to see how we can help you email or call our team on  01843 862944