Optimal Sign Management – Your safety is our priority

Our aim is to provide a cost-effective sign maintenance service in order to achieve optimal levels of sign safety across your entire estate.

As part of our core PPM service offering we include our essential ‘Sign Health Check’ to test the safety, security and effectiveness of your current signage fixing.

All too often we encounter signs fixed to deteriorating timber sub-fascia, or signs installed with insufficient or inappropriate fixings for the sub-fascia and substrate.

There is a growing legacy of potential accidents and horror stories out there, and we urge all multi-site operators to do all they can to ensure that their site is not the next one to be adversely featured in the press for falling signage.

Regular sign maintenance to keep you and your customers safe

Cygnia Maintenance offers a number of additional “health check” services over and above our basic signage PPM offers. These additional services can cover any/all of the following.

  • Full removal of signage to give unobstructed view of sub-fascia substrate.
  • Full / part replacement of sub-fascia materials to provide a sound fixing for signage to be re-instated.
  • Re-installation of signage using improved fixing methods and fixing materials.
  • Check presence of flashing, repair, replace as required.
  • Incorporation of LED upgrade/retrofit.

These services can be offered for delivery in clusters (10 to 15% of estate per annum), or as full national roll out. Fees dictated by each individual projects requirements.

To find out more about our Health Check service contact us today.