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Is Your Signage Ready For Santa?

With the busy festive trading season nearly upon us, you need to make sure everything in your store is ready to help you have a great Christmas. But is your retail signage also ready for Santa? Here’s why you need to make sure your retail signage won’t let you down this Christmas.


Are you getting ready for Christmas? The season is nearly upon us and, after the restrictions we were all under in 2020 it’s likely there will be a pent-up demand for gifts this year. Retailers will certainly be wanting to make up for the disruption caused by the pandemic over the last 20 months, and doubtless you’ll be pulling out the stops to get the tills ringing merrily on high.

But while you’re getting ready to transform your stores with Christmas themed decorations, we have a question; is your retail signage going to pull its weight and help to get shoppers in the doors this year?

Whether your stores are on the High Street, in a shopping centre or a retail park, at Christmas time you’re competing hard to attract attention from shoppers. So your signage needs to be in top working order and looking as fantastic as ever.

It’s particularly true if your signage is illuminated. December of course includes the shortest day of the year – this year it will be the 21st (3:58pm to be precise), and with longer opening hours your signage needs to be working brightly. The last thing you need is for the lighting to fail and plunge your sign into darkness, which will only turn shoppers away.

It’s not just about lighting however. Your signage needs to be clean, and it certainly can’t be close to falling down. Quite apart from the risk this would present to your staff and customers, like any other service during the Christmas season it will be a nightmare to find someone qualified to come and repair any problems. You need to be focused on having a successful Christmas trading period, not trying to find someone who can sort out a faulty sign on a Friday at 7pm.

Prevention is better than cure.

The best way to avoid trying to get your signage repaired during the busiest season of the year is to have it inspected and cleaned ahead of Christmas. That way, any problems – from faulty electrical wiring to loose fixings or even weak sub-facias – can be spotted and sorted before they impact on your business.

More importantly, you need to have your signage checked over by experts, using professional equipment who are certified to do the work at minimum risk to your staff and the public.

The easiest way to get your signage ready for Christmas is to use Cygnia’s maintenance services. You can choose between scheduled or reactive service packages; so you can have your signage inspected and checked regularly or rely on us to be on hand to repair issues as they occur. And if you are a new or small retailer, you can use Cygnia Direct. This is the same services available to major retailers, but provided as a Pay As You Go service. Meaning you get expert engineers looking after your signage, but without being tied to a long-term commitment contract.

Whether you’re a major retailer with locations across the UK, or a single store on the High Street, Cygnia are on hand to make sure your signage works hard for your business this Christmas. Get in touch with us today on 01843 862944 to get signage maintenance service you can rely on.