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Cygnia is proud to be a part of Target 2025

As part of the Hexcite Group, we’re proud to be involved in the launch of a new sustainability initiative called Target 2025, aimed at bringing net-zero carbon manufacturing to retail, hospitality, and property sectors.

What is Target 2025?

Target 2025 focuses on sustainability and helping brands and services to treat the planet as responsibly as possible.

We’ve set ourselves some major targets to support fair and green manufacturing and production. Four key sustainability and carbon reduction goals are:

– Zero to landfill by 2021

– Embedding a global, sustainable materials procurement process by 2022

– Transitioning to a circular economy business by 2023

– Transforming into a net-zero carbon business by 2025

Wes Mulligan, Group CEO, commented: “At the Hexcite Group, we pride ourselves on being in step with our clients’ needs and requirements, constantly evaluating where we can add value to them and their organisations. With sustainability being such a core requirement, not just for our retail and brand clients, but for their customers too, all the businesses within the Hexcite Group must commit to our Target 2025 ambitions. I am confident that we can be positive leaders for change as willing and active supporters of our clients’ plans.”

Cygnia can help you reduce your carbon footprint

As a leading force in LED signage retrofits in the UK, Cygnia has already achieved some impressive results.

The energy audits carried out by Cygnia Maintenance have helped our clients to achieve their sustainability objectives and reduce their operational carbon footprint.

Recently, we undertook a 50-site conversion for a large national retailer who asked us to refresh their existing signage, delivering energy savings and making a visual improvement. Our team replaced standard fluorescent tubing with both low level and high-level LED sign conversion installations.

As a result of this, the service life of the signs was significantly increased, risk of harm to the environment was decreased as the LEDs installed don’t contain mercury or phosphorous, so won’t harm the environment if damaged – and the energy consumption of signage across the estate was reduced by 89%

As licensed waste carriers, 100% of the existing fluorescent matter from the above project was recycled.

Supporting the launch of Target 2025

To support the launch of Target 2025, we’re taking part in an event hosted by the Hexcite Group at its offices in Stratford, London, between 2pm and 5pm on Wednesday 15th September 2021.

Sustainability Showcase will feature a panel of expert industry speakers, including retail sustainability expert Steve Lister as well as key representatives from Whitbread and L’Oréal.

During the event, we’ll look at the latest developments in sustainable retail practices and demonstrate sustainable materials and working processes that can be delivered across a broad range of projects.

Click here for more detail on the Sustainability Showcase:

Would you like to reduce your company’s environmental footprint?

Signage presents an ideal opportunity for energy reduction, and Cygnia has excellent credentials when it comes to the management of these projects.

We can undertake an estate signage audit and demonstrate the potential energy-saving opportunities available to your business through an LED signage retrofit.

For more information on how you can reduce energy consumption across your signage, contact our sales team. Call us on 01843 862944 or email: