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Changing Times, Changing Priorities

In two recent meetings, Jeremy Barwick, Sales Director, was talking about Cygnia’s sign maintenance contracts, one with a national retailer and the other a leading FM company.  In both meetings, when Jeremy mentioned that as part of our PPM service we thoroughly cleaned the signs inside and out, they both said exactly the same thing – “ I didn’t realise you cleaned signs!”.

When Cygnia Maintenance first started providing sign maintenance services to the retail trade in 1995 cleaning the sign was the primary driver, along with keeping it fully illuminated.  It was all about protecting the brand and ensuring it was always seen in the best light (excuse the pun!).  The number one priority now, and quite rightly so, is that it is safely secured to the building and not at risk of falling and injuring anyone.  The secondary concern is that it is as energy efficient as possible.  Changing times and changing priorities!