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Quality Assurance – Maintaining Reputations

5th December 2016

Jeremy Barwick, Sales Director

I joined Cygnia less than a month ago and am learning something new about Cygnia and the way we operate every day.  Last week I spent a day on the road with a great guy, known as ‘Fletch’ (pictured above), from our Quality Assurance Team.  Fletch travels the country visiting customers sites that have received a Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) visit by one of our engineering teams within the last 5 days.  

To say he has an eye for detail would be an understatement!  At each inspection he is required to check that the PPM has been carried out correctly, namely that the sign is fully illuminated and that any faulty lighting has been fixed or replaced, that it has been thoroughly cleaned and also that the sign is safe and in good general repair and poses no risk to staff or the general public. He then uploads a copy of his report, complete with photographs, ready for review by the management team at head office.   Thanks Fletch!  I now better understand Cygnia’s commitment to providing a first class, quality assured service. 

Unbelievably, since I joined, almost 1,000 more retail locations, from four high street and out of town retailers, are now relying on Cygnia’s Sign Maintenance Services to help maintain their retail image.